January 21, 2019


Tambo Grande


Mostly Just Sending Photos (Elder pitcher is too lazy to see what week it is)

Hey everyone.I got a new comp, Elder Beraun. I don´t know very much about him yet but he seems nice. He´s another Peruvian.Here another 6 in Tambogrande! To be honest I´m pretty stressed this week cus we have to find a new room and new person to cook for us. Otherwise we have to cook for ourselves but with the small amount of plates and pots we have and my limited cooking and the fact that we only have an hour for lunch and only a hot plate to coook with it looks like we will be hunting hard for a new ¨pensionista¨.
This week some church doctor came and told us a bunch of health stuff that was impossible to do. But one thing I did change because of him was to start brushing my teeth with drinkable water. I know most of you probably would not brush your teeth with the tap water in a country with water problems but I never thought of that until this doctor guy brought it up. 
Also it was my birthday this week and nobody threw eggs at me. I honestly felt pretty accomplished when I woke up the next day.
We have like 4 investigators who want to get baptized. Which is more than I´ve had at one time in all of my mission so that´s coool. We´re just working through some drinking issues and trying to get people married. (What a headache, marriage). 
Google won´t let me attach any more photos. I got all the photos the other guys took and now I have a ton from this transfer. Not really but I do have a lot more photos to share now. :)
 The one of me with someone sitting on a bed is me and my new comp. Not sure why he has the teddy bear.
This week I´m feeling pretty unmotivated. So come up with your own spiritual thought. If you want send me a scripture I guess. If I´m feeling lazy next week I´ll probably send out the scripture you sent me this week in next week´s group email.
Elder Pitcher


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