July 25, 2016




Elder Taylor



I think today I¨m just gonna be describing the baptisms cause everything else was dwarfed in comparison this week!!

Holy cow, what a special day that was!!! OH my gosh!! A son baptized a father, two families were completed and three new priesthoods were added to the Cambita branch and the Kingdom of God. How incredible it was to see and witness it! The entire branch came out to support them! Everyone came and some even brought friends!

We all started singing and the mother of one of them being baptized, (Arelis is her name.) spoke and then the wife of Orlando spoke as well. They were great talks on Baptims and the Gift of the Holy Ghost! :) Then E. Taylor played a freakin killer piece on the piano!! THe spirit filled the room and I jsut sat there and smiled. What a great moment!! :)

THen they were baptized! And none had to be dunked more than once!! Hollah!! :D I was a witness, so taht was fun! Reminded me of when I baptized Lucy!! THat was a great day Lu! :)

President Nuckols was able to cme out to the service as well. It was great to have him there! All went well! I´ll attatch some pics so you can see them all!! :)

I´ve learned that the Lord is really the one who touches the lives of the people. We could have done nothing to actually help them be converted. It was all the Lord. THis is His work and I testify of that.

Have a wonderful week you guys!!! :) Next week I´ll know where I¨m going next! :D


Elder Olds

¨Pero grandes son las promesas del Señor para los que se hallan en las islas del mar¨
- 2 Nefi 10:21


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