November 30, 2015


San Cristobal, Madre Vieja


Elder Stephens

Three Months In

Buenas todos!!

How are you all? Hoping this week was filled with turkey and fun!! Not much happened on thanksgiving day! We just ate more beans and rice than usual! Haha! It was a fun afternoon to celebrate with the two other americans in our apartment! Fun things, fun things!!

I´m trying something different when I email now. I´m gonna try to do personal emails first and then do the mass at the end. Let me know if it works for you all!!

This week was great! Working hard as usual! We´re working with Two Hatians right now who are progressing very well! Their names are Antony and Mauricio! They don'ts peak spanish too well so when found some book of mormons in Creol for them to read! That was a special experience for me. To watch their faces as I pulled them out. It was really special. They´re reading a little bit every day which is fantastic. They get up and leave so early in the morning cause they work for a company called SkimIce down here. They´re baisically like huge otterpops that are like 10x better!! They work all day selling them out of these little coolers for not much money. They live very humbly and not with much but they seem happy! I hope that we´re teaching them well enough so they can understand our message and how it can be of such a huge help in their lives. Sometimes the language barrier is frusterating cause I can't say things how I want to say them and then I feel like a non effective missionary. But all is well. Still got 21 months to shine baby!! Whoo!!!

E. Stephens and I found a new fun thing to do in the mornings!! We go and jump rope on our roof!! It´s so much fun to me. I love being out in the cool morning air and being so high up we can see quite a ways around us. SOmetimes we can catch a sunrise or two. It´s a amazing experience for me and just a lot of fun! I love working out in the mornings. I´ve found myself happiest in the mornings when I do the work outs I learned from swim team! Helps me feel close to home and reminds me of all of our fun memories then! That and I keeps me in shape! Haha! I like feeling sweaty and hot before my iceburg showers. Those are fun in the mornings too. I love them actually! I count myself down to three and jump in and squeal sometimes! Haha, so much fun!!

We´re teaching a man named Daniel too!! He owns a colmado so he´s there constantly. We try to teach him there but he is always distracted by customers and all that. So anything we say kinda goes in one ear and out the other. I was praying to know what to do for him in my prayers this week and felt the impression we needed to teach him in his home. So we went about trying to make that happen. We were contacting one day and came upon an old woman, Olympia. As we were talking we learned that this was his house and she was his mother. Haha!! Score!!

But the hurdle is far from being hurdled haha! It´s a big commitment for him to leave his buisness for a half our to forty five minutes a day to be taught. We´re going to work with them to get him there! Please have him and Antony and Mauricio in your prayers this week!!

I love you all and hope you ahve a fantastic week this week!! Hasta proxima semana!!

Elder Olds


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