November 9, 2015


San Cristobal, Madre Vieja


Elder Stephens

Rain, Rain, Rain and More Rain

Buenos Tardes todos! Como fue su semana? It was a pretty chill and rainy week here in the DR. We´ve had so much rain these past few days! Some cool things to talk about and some updates from nuestros investigadores!

First off, the rain. There was a storm system or something like that that was passing over the island the last couple of days so we´ve had a lot of rain. Nothing like two weeks ago. That was insane, but it´s been consistant. Often times when Elder Stephens and I were walking from apointments with our umbrellas I thought I was in Washington. Brought back some fun memories as I walked. I couldn´t help but smile as I thought about all of our visits to Vancouver, one of my favorite places in the world. Especially the Christmas´s.

Speaking of which, it´s Christmas time here! Once October is over the Dominicans are all about La Navidad! We were walking through La Sirena today (Which is baiscally like our Walmart here) and they were playing jingle bells and Noche de Luz (Silent Night)! It was fun to sing along to some songs in Spanish a little. We´re gonna get una arbolita next week. We´ve already got some strands of lights up in the apartment! Looking forward to my first Christmas in the Dominican Republic!

Elder Stephens and I had the opportunity to leave with Pres. Nuckols this week to some citas as well! We took him to La Familia Juan. He helped us teach a very powerful lesson about the importance of the Sabbath day and the Sacrament. It was cool to see what kind of a missionary I could be in the next couple of months or years. He taught with the scriptures, asked inspired questions and just taught with power. I really, really want to be that missionary! We commited them to come to church and read the Book of Mormon we gave them. Juan expressed some concerns of not being able to find a job as he is currently working little jobs here and there to support the fam. Pres. promised him that if he put the Lord first everything would work out. It was really amazing to see Pres. teach. Fully inspiring. But alas, they did not show. We only had one of our investigators show up yesterday so that was kinda tough. That´s the main problem we have right now. We´ve had to move several of our dates forward because people havn´t been coming to church. If you all could please pray so that Elder Stephens and I could teach with power, authority and clarity and that our investigators, especially Juan and Fernando (another great family. We´re mainly teaching him and his wife right now but Elder Stephens and I hope to work our way into the family here in the next couple of days.) that they may have the desire and motivation to come to church. We really need them to get there! Church is one of the places that seems to set the hook for an investigator. To feel the spirit, be taught the doctrine and fellowship with other members. It´s a great time for me when we have investigators that come. But we don´t have many that come right now. We need your prayers of faith! Pray for them as investigators and us as teachers! With our faith, we can cause all things to work for our good and the good of others! I know this to be true!

In other news, Elder Bell, the other elder in my apartment, was called to be an assistant two days ago. He leaves this Thursday. I´m sad to see him go. He was one of the people who helped me get through the first couple of weeks. He´s a great missionary. He works hard and effectivly and just exemplifies who I want to be as a missionary!

But thats about it from this week. Elder Stephens and I teach a lot every day, contacting and setting citas.

Things to pray for

-For my spanish to improve still
-For my understanding of how to teach with the spirit and effectivly
-Church attendance from our amazing people who are so close to having a miraculous change in their lives!

Thank you all for your prayers. I love you all! Thank you all for you love, prayers and support! I love and miss you all. So so much!

Hasta próxima semana!! Les amo muchísimo!!

Elder Olds


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