October 26, 2015



Elder Stephens

Treasures in Heaven

Buenas Dias todos!

Hoping all is well back in the states! This week was a good week. Much better than the weeks previous. I feel like I´ve adjusted to my surroundings and circumstances fairly well now. My dirty and sketchy apartment has now become home and a place where I can rest my head after a long days work. That and I´ve cleaned a lot! The table, bathroom and my room. Mostly it just implies sweeping. We track in a lot of dirt everyday. The roads here in Madre Vieja are all dirt. And since we´ve had some rain these past few days I´ve needed to sweep a lot! Elder Stephens cleaned the shower today. That was a blessing. He did a really good job and for once here now I don´t feel like the thing tha´ts supposed to be the cleanest in the house is the dirtiest.

But how was this week...where to start...

First, Elder Stephens and I now have around 6 investigators with fechas, or dates, or baptismal dates! Haha. One of them is an entire family! La familia de Juan! We found them while trying to look for a reference that we had previously been referred to us. The best part is they live two houses down from us! Juan, the father, thier mother and four other kids. One´s a teenager, 14 i think, the others are 10 and below. All boys. They are such a kind and amazing family! They have been so prepaired to hear the gospel. Juan is out of work because of an injury he sustained from his service in the Dominican Army, and so the mom is working right now. The kids all go to school like we do here! Yesterday we went to say hi to them and they were peeling penuts or Mani! We helped them, talked with them and just had a fun time with them. They remind me a little of what it´s like to be home with my family, so I was really grateful for that. We are going to commit them to baptism tonight actually!! So all of your prayers are apreciated! Exciting times here in the DR! Their fecha will be the 14 of November so keep praying for them! Pray for them to remember to pray and feel the witness of the Holy Ghost que esas cosas son verdadara! (that these things are true!) I´m hoping that they´ll be my first baptims!

Spanish is doing well! I can speak mostly what I want...I have to say that once I started to teach that spanish as a priority came down. Doctrine and the peoples needs came up so I feel as if I havn´t focused much on that as of late. But I can say mostly everything I need and want to say, at times with difficulty but I can get my point accross fairly well. President complimented my spanish the other day so I´m really happy about that and will take that as I´m in a good place. However, I can´t understand jack squat of what they´re saying most of the time...haha! They speak so fast and with such a thick accent...that and their spanish here is super malo! Haha. I need to do more spanish study. Elder Stephens suggested that we read two chapters of the Book of Mormon outloud in spanish every morning. He says that that helped him.

My spiritual thought this week is on family and treasures in heaven. As I¨ve been here walking and preaching in the streets of the DR, seeing families and interacting with them, my appreciation for my family and friends has grown so much. I am so eternally grateful that My Heavenly Father has blessed with the parents and family he did. When we die, we dont´ take material things with us. But like dad always says, we take our memories and our associations with us. The treasures we lay up in heaven will rise with us. I am grateful that we as a family and as friends have laid up treasures in heaven. Memories and love and relationships.

Pray for

My spanish and Understanding
For me to keep figuing out how to be an effective and great missionary
For my investigators and especially Juan and his family!
For me to continue to be happy and love the work!

Love you all!! Hasta proxima semana, tengan una buena semana!!

Elder Olds


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