November 2, 2015


San Cristobal, Madre Vieja


Elder Stephens

Best Week Yet!

Saludos de una otra semana en La Rupublica Dominicana!!

> Espero que todo esta bien a la casa y que todos de ustedes son feliz y tranquilo!
> Man, what a great, great, great week it has been! The best one yet by far! So many amazing things have happened since we last chatted! Freakin killer rainstorms, a spotless house, amazing lessons, and many more miracles that have been wrought on my behalf and on the behalf of others. Crazy cool and fun things to write about.

> First off, last monday, right after we had all finished talking, the Heavens opened and we were stuck in the biggest deluge of my entire life. You sent me pictures of you rain storm at home dad...but I think mine won! Haha! The streets turned to rivers. The streets can be really bad here, there´s no drains. Nowhere for the water to go but down into the earth. The rains came down and the floods came up! We were in the middle of a member lesson with La Familia Juan when it started. The members name was Andrea, she´s so chill. She´s only been a member for almost a year. She was there and bore a great testimony to that family. They are so made of gold! More on them later though. The rain came down and there was a river between us and the street. She was wearing a skirt so she couldn´t jump it so Elder Stephens and I went and got our umbrellas from home. We had to take the back way though, the water was just too wide and deep for her to cross! We walked her home in the storm, I was trying my hardest just not to get too wet, which was nearly impossible. We got her home and then we realized that we had a family home evening planned with a menos activo family all the way across town. Elder Stephens and I left all our valuables at their house and went out into the storm! It was so amazing cool! Half way through I didn´t care and just stopped using my umbrella! We made it there. They looked surprised to see us standing there in their doorway. With a laugh they asked why we came to which I replied, ¨we wanted to come and share a messege with you all!¨ It was a great lesson! We made it home alright but our entire street was flooded in ankle deep water. Some cars were stuck off the side of the road. AND IT KEPT COMING!! When elder Bell and Unruh got back we were flagged down by a member in our street to help a lady who´s house had flooded. So we went over. Her house was flooded in ankel deep water too. The couch and chairs stacked ontop of each other like it had all happened before. We spent the next hour with buckets bailing out her house in the rain. What an experience that was. Taht´s the kinda service I´m talking about!! So much fun!!

> The other experience is one day we went to a members house for lunch. When she handed us our plate the meat looked...weird. We all looked at each other when we realized that each of us had a full on pig snout in our beans and rice...LIKE A FULL ON PIG SNOUT! HAIR AND ALL! IT was fun to try and navigate that fun experience. I had some of what looked like good meat. It was fine but...dude, pig snout. Nuh uh!

> La Familia Juan all excepted their invitations to be baptized. Their fecha is the 28th of November. What an amazing blessing it is to have found and to teach this beautiful family! Juan and his wife, Milayni have four children. One of them is my little Dominican Chase!! Lisa, he looks just like him and is just as fun! It always remindes me of home when we go teach. Only because they all have such a spirit in their home now. We taught them about baptizm last night. We had a member with is tell them about his experience and he killed it. The sprit was so there. I told them that I did not remember my baptizm all that well but I did have the privilage to baptize my little sister before I came out. I told them about my special day with Lucy. Thanks for helping me bring the spirit into their home that night Lu! I sure love ya! You´re preaching the gospel by your example already! All of you are!!

> That´s it for this week. My spanish is incredibly better. I´ve learned that by excersizeing my faith in Christ I can cause all things to work for my good. This week I tried to excersize my faith. I became fluent in my lessons. It was amazing. The Lord has blessed me much! I feel the trial of faith has passed me now. I am loving the work, the people and my experiences here. Thank you all for your prayers these past few weeks. The Lord is mindful, He is there. Have faith even in the darkest of hours. The night is darkest just before the dawn. Christ is the Dawn. El es nuestro Salvador, amigo y hermano. Todo es posible cuando tenemos fe en El.

> Les amo MUCHISIMO!!

> Pray for

> Me to keep figuing things out. How to be a good teacher, how to study and how to teach with their needs.

> For Juan and our 12 other investigators with fechas (We have 12 right now...can you believe it?) Pray for them to keep the faith they have and to keep gaining more.

> Pray for my continued faith and happiness!

> Thank you for all! I love you and until next week!!
> Elder Olds


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