October 25, 2015


San Cristobal, Madre Vieja


Elder Stephens

Cold Showers, Maggoty Floors and Loud Music!

Buenos Dias todos de La Republica Dominicana!

How have you all been? Hoping the answer is well! This week was definetly a great one! Full of so many learning experiences, trials of faith and AMAZING INVESTIGATORS AND MY FIRST BAPTISM DATES!!

First off, one morning, I believe it was Wednesday or something like that, we all woke up and were doing our various moring routines when someone took out the trash and left a maggoty trail in his wake. You should kow that there are a lot of flies here just cause of all the trash and stuff layin around! And some laid A TON of eggs in our trash so by the next morning we had a lovely surprise waiting for us. We just had to sweep them up. Interesting and fun morning!

Secondly, I have my first real investigators. Ones that I helped to find and teach!! And the great thing is that half of them have commited to Baptims next month! The 14th of November! Our district is planning a Noche Blanca or white night with each other. Which is were there are six or more people being baptized in one night. So far we have I think 9 people and a few families!

But my investigators! One´s name is Milaysi! She´s a school teacher here and just moved in a few weeks ago. We found her while trying to check and see if another investigator was home. She has totally been prepaired. We taught her about the restoration and she accepted it like she already knew it, like it all made sense, which it does! We taught her about the need for authority and she agreed to be baptized in November! Hoping that my lack of experience and know how doesn´t jack this up at all! I hope and have faith that the Lord will work miracles through me.

The next I want to talk about is La Famalia de Juan! Yeah, WE FOUND NUESTRO FAMILIA DE ORO! or our family of gold! We too found that them while trying to contact a referral we had. His name is Juan. He has a wife and 4 kids all but one over the age of 8! They had just barely moved into our same street this passed week. Coincidence? I think not. We taught them about the plan of salvation and they too seem to be prepaired. They have just accepted the Gospel message it seems to me. How incredible this is to me. To see the Lord working miracles here. I think we´re gonna commit them to baptism tonight so keep Elder Stephens and I in your prayers! No pictures of any of them yet but those will be coming hopefully next week!

Next couple of points are just funny quircks I´ve observed of Dominicans these past two weeks.

1. They love to blair their music. ALL the time. Here there are these things called Colmados which are just baisically little side shops all along the street where they sell food, drinks and all kinds of stuff. They can be big or small. But all of them have massive speakers that just blair music all day long! It´s a really cool cultureal thing but when youre trying to teach a lesson and you can´t hear your investigator, or let alone understand them, it can get on your nervse a bit. Those and motorcycles. There are more motorcycles here than cars. Everyone rides a motorcycle and they can get really loud too. Most of the time we teach people we teach them on their pourches right by the street so we can just hear everything. I´m trying to learn how to create a better enviornment for the spirit. It will come.

Also, they love Halls breath mints like we love Jolly Ranchers back home. They´ll just pop them into their mouths. I had a little bug at the beginning of the month and bought some. My comp told me that and i thought it was funny!

That´s it for this week though. I feel like I should apologize for the lack of letter last week. It was a crazy week. I hope this letter makes up for it!

I love you all and miss you all so much! Things to pray for this week

1. That I might continue to become the great missionary that heavenly father needs me to be
2. That my investigators will feel the spirit and continue to build their testimonies. Specifically that Milaysi and her family might recognize the truthfulness of the Gospel, that Juan and his family might recognize also these things and that he might, through his faithfulness, find an amazing job!

I love and miss you so much, and think of you often!
Hasta proxima semana!
Elder Olds


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