October 6, 2015



Elder Stoeltzing

One Month Out!

Buenos tardes de la republica domincana! Some cool things this past week! Made a trip to the hospital, went to the University, said goodbye to the older elders and said hello to some new ones but overall it was kind of an average week here at the CCM! One thing is that I've hit my one month mark! How crazy is that? In some ways it feel like a month and in others it doesn't. It all just blurs together now! The days are long and the months are short, that is for sure! We woke up on Wednesday morning and Elder Francis said we'd been out a month. I did a mental double take!

Anyways, my spanish is coming along nicely this last week! I'm getting pretty confident in my speaking and understqanding abilities here in the CCM. I feel so happy and excited inside when I can sometimes slowly string together sentences and then understand what's being said to me in return! Granted they all speak super slow here but I'm happy with where I 'm at and the progress I"ve made. Excited to learn even more!!

Today I want to share one experience and then a spiritual thought. One that has grown fairly close to me over the past few weeks. The experience is my sketchy hospital experience with elder stoeltzing! We were chosen to go take care of some things with our visas that everyone has to do! So we left the CCM early wednesday morning and headed to the Dominican equivelant of the DMV! Lots of lines and many talking people! There we signed some documents and got fingerprinted. That took like two minutes. After that we proceeded to wait for three more hours while they finished some paper work for all the missionaries there. We were with so many other missionareis from el campo (the field). We ended up talking with all of them. A set of hermanas came over and talked to us in spanish because both of them were native speakers. They were from Cali and Guatemala. They would takl normal speed and I would sometimes ask them to slow down. (mas lento o mas despacio, por favor) The sister who only spake spanish said my spanish was "Muy bien!" which made me supper happy and confident inside! After waiting in the line it was back to the lawless streets of Santo Domingo to this sketchy little hospital! There we were x-rayed and had to have our urine and blood tested. That was a cool experience. The hospital reminded me of something from a David Fincher film. Anyway, I was all fine but Elder Stoeltzing fainted. He doesn't do needles well. Haha! That was most of our afternoon. Then we just headed back in time to see the new elders and sisters come in. The older guys left on Tuesday so we are now the oldest in the MTC which is a cool feeling! I remember when I first came in and saw all the older guys and now I am the older guy! Kinda crazy!

My spiritual thought today is one about personal revelation. One night after class in the first couple of weeks Elder Airmet went up to the board and drew a bucket with a rain cloud raining into it and said "If you want to catch water in a rainstorm don't use your mouth, take a bucket!" and then proceeded to relate the cloud and rain to Gods knowledge and the bucket to our personal pocketsized notebooks. That quickly became our districts motto. Fill your bucket with the thoughts and feelings that you recieve during the day from God. I can attest that I have felt so close to my Savior and recieved more personal revelation that I ever have before. Writing down every little thought or feeling in my bucket for me to reflect on later is an amazing way to feel close to God, revisit revelation and count the miracles and tender mercies every day. Because there are TONS! I challenge you all to find your bucket and fill it every day!

That's all for today!

Please pray for:

-My spanish,
-For me to have more patience
-and for me to get better at planning and teaching by the spirit! Those are my goals this week!

I love you all and I know that this church is true! I love you all so much! God lives as does his Son Jesus Christ! I can testify of that with whole purpous of heart because I have felt him in my life every day! become closer to him this week!

(PS, I wan't able to find Ito this week but please continue to pray for him and his welfare. I know that he is ready for the Gospel!)

Hasta Proxima Semana!

Todo me amor,

Elder Olds


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