August 26, 2015



I'm at the CCM!

Hey Mom and Dad and the fam!

Well, I'm here and safe and sound! I'm not sure where to begin. I'm hoping that my letters will become better as I write more of them.

But today I'm here safely, I'm fed and I'm unpacked...sort of. I think unpacking has been the most stressful part because there's just so much stuff and so little space. Dad, do you have any tips or thoughts? I'm just worried of loosing some stuff and getting organized. It's quite the ordeal! Haha.

But here's a recap of the last 24 hours!

Elder Arimet and I got to the gate and met around 6 other missionaries. Two sisters and the rest elders! They're all pretty cool guys and gals. I'll have pictures of all of us tomorrow! The first plane ride to NY was not enjoyable to me. I couldn't sleep even though I was super exhausted. It all kind of felt like a dream! We all got off at NY and met up with even more Elders and sisters! There's around 19 of us all that are new here at the CCM. We ate breakfast at JFK and then hopped on the last plane to the DR! We landed and it pretty much feels like Hawaii did! But boy, did it look and feel different! We got through customs on our really limited spanish which was super cool and fun. I could say simple things and kind of understand, but not really though.

Then we got our bags and met Antonio who came to pick us up. We all stuffed our luggage and each other into 4 vans, varying in size and quality...haha! And then the MADNESS came! The driving here is insane. If you thought Utah was bad, this is a whole nother level of crazy! People are honking and cutting you off and skidding and honking some more! It's insane but I never felt in danger. I knew I would be kept safe so it ended up just being a cool experience!

Then we got to the temple and CCM, both on the same grounds. The temple is beautiful! We eat some delicious dinner. It was beans and rice and some meat and veggies but NOTHING like what you would find in the states. Well, maybe a little bit, but it was still so good! I ate it all! After that we went up to our rooms where my name tag was waiting for me on my bed. I'm wearing it now. I wish I could say it felt really cool but I think that it doesn't just yet because I haven't got my head screwed on straight!

Then we started unpacking and that was the challenge so far this mission. If you could all pray that I may get into a rythum and flow in the mornings and that I'll just be able to get comfortable and my head in the right direction that would be amazing!

Here are a few pictures that I took today of us in the airport and in the city and my room and name tag!

Sorry if this leaves anything out, I'm writing as fast as I can becuase I want you all to know everything but I have limited time! Haha.

Mom and Dad and all the kids and the fam, know that I love you all and miss you very much! Man, I love you all so much! So so much! I hope the pictures can hold you all over until the next week!

That's the other thing, my next P day is next Thursday so you won't hear from me until then, which sucks but It'll just make things that much sweeter! Love you all so much!

Until next time, pray for me to get focused and comforatable. I love you all so much!

Un abrazo!
Elder Olds


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