January 9, 2017




Elder Kurtis Ballard

The Mission Field is Amazing!

O my good heavens, I'm having an amazing time in the most humid place on earth! For the email I wanted to focus on the weather of Guadeloupe. The weather here is suppppppaaaaa hot.
It's a cool 88 degrees but then the humidity is killer. I started off with a bike and there is this hill we nick named Mt Diablo because it knocks my lungs out.
But now we have a car. It's a turbo diesel Chevy Cruze. It packs some heat!!!
I'm the driver because with a French Visa it is legal to drive the first year. So I'm driving in the craziest country. People here are NUTS drivers. You can't give someone a foot in front of you because they'll take it.

This week we meet with a couple of Amis (investagators). I took the lead on asking them to be baptized which was stressful because of the language but it went well. A lot of people really dance around the question or they don't take it too serious because it's the Caribbean.

Right now I'm on exchanges with Elder Marahiti .He's from Tahiti so he's a native French speaker. He's awesome. We are on the other side of the country in BASSE-TERRE which is the capital of Guadeloupe.

I'm trying my best everyday. I love being here and wearing this name tag. I always see people look at my tag and it makes me so excited to know I represent the church here in Guad.

I just want to thank you mom and dad for everything. You're awesome and I'm grateful for both of you.

Anyways love you all so much and hope you enjoy the photos. I love taking them. It's so beautiful here.

With Love
Elder Casady

P.S. (regarding names missionaries give to each other ex: the person who trains them is their "dad," etc.)
Dad, yes we all call it that dad thing with the other missionaries but it goes to like cousins and in-laws and aunts. It is super advanced.


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