December 27, 2016

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Marnie Casady

Calling Home x3

We got to talk to our missionary three times in two days!

#1 While on our way to church Sunday afternoon, we received a call from Brother Dan Mehr at the MTC. A little back story: he is from Apple Valley and was on of David's youth leaders when he was a boy. He also lived across the street from me about the same time (before I joined the church) and I used to babysit his kids. Coincidentally, he was the most recent mission president before the mission split about a year ago. Once we made the connection about the mission, David contacted him to tell him that our son would be serving in the Barbados Bridgetown Mission. He wrote back and said that he is now serving at the Provo MTC and that he would call Cameron into his office to meet him and tell him about the mission. Which brings me back to the phone call Christmas afternoon. I answered the phone and he said, "Sister Casady, I have a handsome missionary here who would like to wish you a Merry Christmas." What a wonderful surprise!!!!

#2 Cameron was able to call again later that evening (which for the record was the fastest 30 minutes ever!). Here are some of the highlights:

He loves his mission.

His nose finally stopped bleeding after three weeks.

His French is coming along. He described it as "caveman French" right now. He understands the fundamentals of the language and is working on building his vocabulary. They study about 12 hours a day. He bore his testimony to us in French and it was amazing! It was much more than caveman and moved us to tears.

He encouraged Winston (several times) to keep studying French and to take it for all four years of high school. Also, he asked him to look up how many countries speak French. It is astounding he said.

He has enjoyed going to the temple every Friday and will miss going while in the mission field (because there isn't one there). He said the temple was closed for deep cleaning the last two weeks and that the missionaries were asked to help clean. Cameron said he cleaned light switches with Q-tips. Yes, our Cameron!

They made sling shots and have sling shot wars in the dorms. The French district verses their rivals, the Spanish district.

He was able to hear several apostles speak while at the MTC. Elders Oaks visited this week. All were described as the most spiritual experiences ever.

He enjoyed seeing the BYU Men's Choir and the Piano Guys this week too. David Archuleta performed on Christmas Eve and Cameron got to shake his hand. (Sidenote: David Archuleta just performed 2 days earlier here in Sacramento. Aunt Janet and Uncle Don went and said it was fantastic).

#3 He called again from the airport just before midnight tonight. He started with 400 minutes on a calling card he purchased at the MTC. Unfortunately, the 400 minutes instantly turned into 10 minutes once the call connected so we had to make it quick. We felt overjoyed with one call let alone three calls in just a few days so we made the most of it.

He's traveling with one of his MTC companions Elder Griffin from Utah and Sœur Holt from Manchester, England. All three are flying to Bridgetown Barbados to meet Pres. Herrington and will serve in different areas of Gaudeloupe as their first assignments. His first companion in Gaudeloupe will be Elder Ballard.

The flight schedule (approximately):
1:30 AM (Utah time) depart Salt Lake City
6:30 AM (Florida time) arrive in Miami
8:00 AM (Florida time) depart Miami
2:30 PM (Barbados time) arrive in Bridgetown

What a long night for them (and their parents)!


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