Photos Date Area Title
November 23, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada Rolex by Ayo and Teo
November 17, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada Love story by Taylor swift
November 9, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada sunday best by surfaces
November 2, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada i want it that way by the backstreet boys
October 26, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada I'm so sorry by Imagine Dragons
October 12, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada (Insert your favorite song here)
October 6, 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada Be still by the killers
September 28, 2020 Logandale, Nevada Walking the dog by Fun
September 21, 2020 Logandale, Nevada there should be a song of He-man saying "I have the power"
September 14, 2020 Logandale, Nevada Carry On by Fun
September 7, 2020 Logandale, Nevada Title: Crazy Train by Ozzy Ozborne
August 31, 2020 Logandale, Nevada In too deep by Sum 41
August 25, 2020 Logandale, Nevada "Love Without End, Amen."- George Straight
August 17, 2020 Logandale, Nevada Livin on a prayer by bon Jovi
August 11, 2020 Logandale, Nevada I hate everything by George Straight
August 3, 2020 Logandale, Nevada life is a highway by whoever sings that song
July 27, 2020 Logandale, Nevada Incarnacion by Nacho Libre
July 20, 2020 Logandale, Nevada Its time by imagine dragons
July 14, 2020 Logandale, Nevada Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash
June 17, 2020 I miss you by Blink-182
June 10, 2020 Entonces.....
June 3, 2020 Loco cabeza y buenas nachos
May 27, 2020 Week 2, what a crazy one
May 20, 2020 Warning, autocorrect is off for spanish purposes so deal with my horrible grammar😂
May 14, 2020 I’m tired
May 12, 2020 Ladies and gentlemen, we gottem
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