May 24, 2021


Branford, CT


Elder Tate Richman

Hot House

Allllright gente, so a lot happened this week, and I'm not sure how much this email has to show for it, but I feel like it was a little bit of a hectic week. So Monday and Tuesday consisted of me and Elder Allen trying to just get ready for transfers. Getting physically ready, as well as getting the area ready. Because our area got white washed, we had to do sooooo much preparation for it. We made this document with all of the members/friends on it, with descriptions. And it was a fat project. But we finally got the document finished in the car as we were literally pulling up to transfers haha.
Transfers are always super super fun. The one time every 6 weeks that we get to see everyone. But instead of heading back home to Connecticut, we stayed a night right in Boston, because we had a mission leadership meeting the following morning. It was kinda weird just staying at this random vacant missionary apartment, but it was cool to be right in Boston. My new comp is Elder Richman, and he is from Centerville Utah. He goes home 3 weeks before I do haha so we are basically dying together. He is super cool and a hard working missionary so I'm excited for this transfer. 
On Thursday we went to MLC leadership meeting for the new transfer, and we got the hammer. President and the APs are not happy with what's going on in the mission. Apparently a bunch of missionaries are wasting a bunch of time and not being productive. It was "a state of emergency." So our whole mission push is for everyone to be productive this transfer. 
Finally got back to our new apartment and it's super nice, except there is no AC. Missionaries have only been living here for a few months, so they haven't needed it. But when Saturday rolled around, and the high was 84, we were suffering pretty bad. Especially cuz we don't even have a fan in the apartment. This apartment complex makes you buy your own AC unit, it doesn't come with the apartment. We better get this figured out soon or else this is going to be a very long 6 weeks.
On Sunday, we had stake conference, and we drove 40 minutes to the Cromwell, CT chapel. We pull up just to find out that it was actually an hour in the other direction at a different chapel. That was a rip for sure.
Sunday night I actually got sick for the first time since being here in the Boston Mission. My stomach hurt so bad that I had get up and leave my companion during our last visit of the night. After battling with stomach problems, I started to break out in hives. Not sure where that came from, but it did. Luckily by the end of the night, I was feeling fine and the hives were going down.
Sorry this email has basically just been explaining all the unfortunate things of the week, so I'll leave ya'll with a little pick up message. So during stake conference (we watched it on zoom) they talked a lot about faith. And how some people lose it because of just one thing happening to them, and the fact that people aren't true to the faith that they already have. I have learned on this mission that we don't need to understand everything in order to have faith. There are things we won't understand or things we maybe don't agree with, but that can never deny the feelings of the Holy Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel. Doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith.
I love you all, have a great week 😇
Cosas de Connecticut
1. We live 5 minutes from New Haven, but because it's out of our area, we can't do anything there. Sad.
2. This whole living in a house without AC is giving me ptsd flashbacks from El Salvador. 


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