May 17, 2021


Waterford, CT (New London)


Elder Tanner Allen

getting transferred?

Kind of a lot happened in the Massachusetts Boston Mission this week. On Saturday night, we were supposed to get our transfer texts, but Saturday morning, we got a text from President saying that some missionaries had leaked transfer information. And he was "NOT a happy camper," like my companion Elder Allen would say. President explained that he needed to "reconsider" the transfers and that we would not be receiving transfer information that night. As the day went on, we started to get a few public apologies from the missionaries who were involved in the leaked information. So when Saturday night came around, we were obviously not expecting to get transfers, but he decided to send them anyways. And president decided to basically wreck the entire mission, like I've never seen so many transfers before. And like the title says, yes, I am getting transferred after only 6 weeks here in New London. They are white washing this area and sending 2 new missionaries in. We were in absolute shock when we received the news because we thought for 100 percent that I would stay. I am honestly pretty sad about it, because I had finally just gotten used to our friends, the members, and the area. We have lots of people we are teaching, so it's going to be a huge pain telling everyone we are leaving, and that some random missionaries are gonna start teaching them. I really hope everything goes smoothly here because we have a lot of things going here in this area.
The craziest thing is that I am getting transferred one area over. I am going to be in the same zone, same district, just one area to the west of the one that I'm in right now. We are a "Zebra" area which means we cover English and Spanish. I have never been in an English ward, so I'm interested to see how this goes. But it looks like I might never get to Massachusetts lol. I'm sad, but I'm also hopeful because I truly know from experience that God knows why I need to be in each area and with each companion. Basically my entire mission has been full of disappointing transfer news that turned out to better than I had thought. I am always glad it happened how it did although at first I was not too happy. I hope it's the same with this transfer! I know that God is in the details of our lives and he knows exactly what we need. Not necessarily what we want, but what we need. I'm sorry this email was only about transfers, but that was basically the only important thing that happened this week. Love you all!
-Elder Camac
1. I earlier mentioned that my companion, Elder Allen, literally speaks like an old man. But I literally have been writing down all of his quotes/analogies for the whole transfer. After 6 weeks, the list is preeeeety long.
2. I've never met a person who talks about farting so much. 


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