May 10, 2021


Waterford, CT (New London)


Elder Tanner Allen


Hello everyone, another week FLEW by like I can't believe it's already pday again. We had quite a lot of lessons fall through, but we still kept super busy. We had to stop teaching one lady this week, and it was honestly one of the worst calls I have ever been apart of. She started off the call by asking us if we can ask our pastor to help out with paying her rent. Then she got mad because we said no. And then she started yelling at Elder Allen because he was trying to give her comfort because her husband recently died. The lady isn't in a good place right now, so we are gonna leave her be for a bit.
We started doing English class with this other Costa Rican lady and apparently she is a cousin of a member and has read the Book of Mormon a lot. She said "I always had the question of why some people are brown, and why some people are white. I read the Book of Mormon and found my answer!"  I honestly was in shock because that means that she has like actually studied it in order to recognize that. It was super cool, so hopefully everything goes well with her! 
Besides that, mostly a normal week out here in Connecticut. The weather still isn't warm, but it's super nice. The trees are turning green and they are super beautiful. I love it out here and am trying to make the most of it before I come home soon. Love you all, have a good week! 
-Elder Camac 
Cosas de New London 
1. We were teaching the restoration, and when I began to explain Joseph Smith, I accidentally said "in the year 2020..." instead of "in the year 1820...." yeahhhh, it was pretty awkward. My comp had to correct me 
2. I forgot to mention last week that in our zone conference, I was asked to give the closing prayer. So I decided to take what I already knew, and study for a week and say the prayer in Chinese. I got up there and said a full prayer in Chinese in front of 70 people. I was peeing my pants because I was so nervous, but I did it. 


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