May 3, 2021


Waterford, CT (New London)


Elder Tanner Allen

Multi Zone Conf?

It looks like things are really starting to open up because this past week we had a multi zone conferene. A conference with all the missionaries in Connecticut and it was such a good time. I forgot what it was like to have a semi decent sized gathering. We got some great instruction from the APs as well as from Pres/Sis Mav. After the conference, the mission gave each companionship a whole box of Costco pizza. We are supposed to just go home and eat it, but everyone just plopped the box of pizza on the hood of the cars and we straight up had a party. Everyone was out there, no mask, eating together in the parking lot and having a good time. The mission nurse tried telling us to stop, but she knew it was a lost cause so she didn't even care anymore. As awesome as it was, it honestly was kind of weird being around so many people with no masks on. The last 10 months has been just that.
The rest of the week was busy, but not quite as busy as the last one. We had invited a couple that used to be taught by missionaries to come to church, having pretty low hopes that they would actually come, but 10 minutes into the meeting...sure enough, there comes in Flor, Juan, and the granddaughter. It was a cool little miracle for us to see.
We had a lesson with Pedro this Saturday (Pedro is the guy who has met with missionaries forever but won't get baptized) and invited a member. I know we are supposed to be the teachers, but the member just TOOK OVER the lesson. Like we didn't even have time to talk. With lots of love, she gave it to him straight up, hard core, about how he needs to be baptized. That he does not need to feel "unprepared," because he really is prepared. It was super awesome, but didn't seem to have an effect because Pedro didn't budge one bit. We can just keep praying for him and helping him gain a stronger testimony as time goes on. I know he will be baptized one day. 
Not too much going on besides that to be honest. Me and Elder Allen had a few altercations this week, which is weird because I haven't really had altercations with my comp since I was with my trainer like 18 months ago. But we got it all figured out, have moved on, and are doing great now. 
I'm sorry that these are getting so boring, but boring quarantine missionary life= boring email. I can't help it. But much love to all of you, send me a message if you ever get any time! I'd love to hear from you. 
This week I was reading in Alma 61, in the war chapters, and a lot of times they are a little hard to read. People feel that there isn't much to learn, but I was reading in Alma 61: 28 and it really stuck out to me. He talks about how he does not fear the government, but only fears God. And not that we should not fear the government, but always remember that God is more powerful than any person on the earth, and that we should fear God before men. 
-Elder Camac 

Cosas de New London
1. We texted this guy last week from Mexico, and he asked us to pray for him because "his wife hired some hitman to come and kill him."  Well, ever since he sent that, we have unsuccessfully been able to contact him, as well as none of the messages we send will go through. So prayers up for our man Alfredo, hopefully he is still here with us 
2. The 45 minute showers every morning are starting to get a little annoying to have to wait for. 


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