April 5, 2021


Providence, Rhode Island


Elder Parker Harris

Week of 03/22-03/29

(sorry this got sent late, but this is from last week) 
YO Que onda people, it's about April and I can't believe it. I'm about to hit 20 months on the mission and I genuinely can't believe it. Time really be flying out here. Also EXACTLY one year ago today (03/29) was the day that I returned home from El Salvador. What a ride it's been, and I really miss that place but gotta finish up business here in the Boston Mission. 
This week was pretty normal. We have spent a lot of our time finding people to teach and we actually have had some good success. We have set up a bunch of lessons for the future so let's hope a few of those come out positive. The less active member Sergio who came to church last week, came to church again! We were so excited because he walked out of the building with a tithing slip in his left hand, a come follow me book in his right, and told us that he plans on STAYING in the church this time! I was seriously so excited like it was basically we just had a baptism. We also had the awesome opportunity to see both of our recent converts Daniel and Jonathan participate in the Sacrament. Daniel passed and Jonathan blessed it.
Our district leader, Elder Walton, is headed back to Mexico so this next week we will be in a trio. Elder Stephenson will be with us for the week until transfers and it's going to be such a party. I have never been in a trio so I am super excited.
I love you all,  see ya'll soon
Cosas de RI
1. I came all the way to Providence, Rhode Island to find a Grand Canyon University. The circle of life is crazy
2. This dude on Facebook asked me straight up if he could ask me questions about my belly button. Can't say I have ever done that before. 


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