March 22, 2021


Providence, Rhode Island


Elder Parker Harris

Sopa de Pata

Hola, this week was filled with a lot of flaked out lessons and not answered texts/calls. It's hard enough to get people to respond to you anyways as a missionary, but getting Latinos to respond is a whole other level. Once you have them on the phone, they are the most awesome, receptive, and humble people (most of the time obviously), but that's the problem, getting them to answer. But we will continue to try and get the real ones to answer.
On Saturday night at like 8 pm, I was told (with 14 hours of notice) that I would be giving a 10 minute talk in my second language. I really didn't have much time at all to prepare it, and I felt my thoughts were a little scattered, but I went up there with a few bullet points and somehow ended up talking for like 18 minutes or so. I didn't even realize I had talked for that long until I sat down and realized.
Although we don't really have anyone progressing very well, we did have a less active come to church unexpectedly. It was Sergio, the cousin of my former mission president. He said that he hadn't been to church in years, but due to our perseverance, we affected him enough to want to come. It was super cool.
Not too much else is going on here, enjoying my time here with Elder Harris, he is a homie! love you all, keep it real.

Cosas De RI
1. All my time in El Salvador, I fortunately avoided "Cow Paw Soup" only to come to Rhode Island to get it served to me. Never thought it would happen like that
2. I always seemed to have things to say in this category about my old companion, Elder Metler, but I really don't have much to say about Elder Harris. The only thing is that he really only showers every other day which is weird but besides that there hasn't been too much haha. 


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