March 15, 2021


Providence, Rhode Island


Elder Parker Harris

Daniel's Dunked!!

This was such a great week, honestly probably one of the best in my mission. To start it off, it was 70 degrees on Wednesday. Literally 70, like it was warmer here than it was in Gilbert. But then the weather decided to be bi-polar again because it's currently 18 degrees as I write this email. Sorry everyone who is thinking "why does this kid always bring up the weather, we don't really care," but it's kind of something I look at and take note of every day, so sorry.
Last Monday we went and visited Brown University and I felt too dumb to be walking on the campus but It was super dope. Lots of people wearing elegant clothing which you don't see at all over where we live. It was a good time tho.
Daniel's baptism on Saturday went sooooo smoothly. Everyone that was Invited showed up on time, and it was perfect cuz it felt supported enough by the ward but not too many people. We spent a good chunk of Saturday getting the font ready and setting it all up. I had the opportunity to give a talk as well as conduct the meeting. It was half in Spanish and half in English so the translation was a little difficult switching back and forth but I think I did alright. We filled the font with warm water but I guess by the time for the baptism it had gotten cold because they were both shivering like crazy. They got in and were like, "we are doing this right now," and then did the baptism within like 10 seconds of getting in. It was kinda funny, but overall it went super well and we are super excited for Daniel.
Sunday was fast and testimony meeting in our ward and it was like the saddest meeting I've ever been apart of. A 16 year old girl in the ward recently took her own life, and it kinda affected the ward pretty bad. They were all crying over the pulpit so keep them in y'alls prayers.
But all has been well. Crazy that it's been a whole year since Covid hit. A year ago I was still chillin in El Salvador, not sure if we were going home or not. And now I am here in Rhode Island, like I never would have ever guessed. Love you all, have a fantastic week! 
Cosas De RI 
1.This week we were driving down the freeway, and saw what we thought was a man with his shirt off. As we got closer, we realized that was no man, yet a middle aged woman letting everything hang out as she walked down the street. 
2.We went back onto Daylight Savings and may I say that it's the dumbest thing ever. I am so glad my state (Arizona) chooses not to participate (also got an hour less of sleep on Saturday night). 


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