March 8, 2021


Providence, Rhode Island


Elder Parker Harris

Can't taste

Hello gente, twas another good week. Still out here in the smallest state in the country for those of you who don't know. Last week, I mentioned how the weather had gotten super nice. Well once I said that, the weather decide to say *SYKE* because the next morning I woke up and it was 18 degrees with a -2 wind chill. So that was super fun. Hopefully it warms back up again.
We are preparing Daniel to get Baptized this Saturday! That's gonna be so dope. We were able to show him the baptismal font and all that this Sunday at church. It was nice to have in person church for the first time in 3 weeks. We had ward conference, and it basically was just the stake reprimanding the Spanish Ward because they don't do ministering very well lol. The stake president didn't hold back, he kinda just gave it to them, all out of love of course.
I had a super "small world" experience this week. We were on the phone with a less active member for the first time, and he said he was from Guatemala and his mother's last name was Dubón. So I asked him if he happened to know Juan Francisco Dubón, who was my mission president while in El Salvador, and sure enough they are cousins! It was so crazy but super dope. He didn't even know that he had become a mission president. Now we gotta work on getting him back to church haha.
Our recent convert, Alicia, got Covid this week. We decided that it would cool to give her brownies to make her feel better but we completely spaced the fact that you legit can't taste if you have Covid. She said to us, "thank you so much hermanos, but I really could not enjoy them very much.... I can't taste anything." I felt like such an idiot but it was so funny honestly, I just laughed it off.
It was a good week everyone. I was reading this week in Isaiah 53:3-5 and it's such an amazing scripture. If you have time, go and take a look. Talks about how Jesus "bore our griefs and sorrows... and took upon us the stripes," it's amazing.
love you all. - Elder Camac
Cosas de RI 
1. There was a new dude volunteering with us at the food bank, and the first thing he asked us was "ya'll here to volunteer for real? or just get into some dumb s*** like me?" haha it was so freakin funny. Turns out the man had gotten a DUI so needed some hours. 


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