February 15, 2021


Providence, Rhode Island


Elder Jackson Metler


This week was kind of insane. A lot of crap happened and it kinda seemed like this week kinda just would not end. With that being said, we did finally set a baptismal date with Daniel for the 13th of March!! Let's gooooo. He said that he is ready to take that step in his life, and make that decision for himself. He was baptized as a baby but doesn't agree with it and says that he wants it to be his "own choice." So pray that his preparation will all go well 🙏.
So to start off our crazy week, we had to end up taking down one of our Facebook posts because of anti church comments. Our message basically was to search in Divine sources to find answers to questions, because not everything on the internet is true. We got a fat ton of backlash for it. They were all just 25 year olds from the West Coast and I was like, "is there nothing better that you could use your time with then comment on a page from RHODE ISLAND?" like bruh. It was sad to have to take the post down because it was a good one, but whatever. 
Next on the list was that my comp straight up passed out in our house, cold. I had just sat down to eat dinner on Wednesday and I hear this super loud BANG. I look back and my comp was knocked out on the floor, unconscious, and his body was straight up shaking and bright red. I was freaking out because I legit thought he was seizing. So I started yelling and was about to call 911, but then he became conscious again and literally stood up like 10 seconds later, acting like he was fine. I was still freaking out so instead of calling 911, we just called the mission nurse. All was fine because he just passed out due to lack of hydration, but I literally thought he was having a seizure for a second so that was a scare. He got lucky because he fell while in the hallway, so his body hit the wall before falling to the ground. If he was in the open, he might have straight up face planted on the tile from 6 feet up. 
We also found out that our bishop came to church last week, WITH Covid. He even was up at the pulpit and said, "I know I have a cough, but I promise it's not Covid." Welp we found it was Covid sure enough. So we had to quarantine for a day, stress, and go get tested. Luckily we went to the instant results and all 6 of us came out negative, but still that kinda sucked. Also because of the bishop, the next 2 weeks we are having Zoom church. Gotta love it.
We also spilled milk ALL OVER the back of our car 🙃. So on Thursday we were helping out the food bank give out free boxes of food. They offered to give us one, so we took it. Inside held a whole gallon of milk. Somehow, the carton had been punctured, so it began to spill out of the box and seep into every single crevice in the back of the car. But we didn't know yet, we were currently trying to deal with all of our Covid problems while this milk is just spilling all over the trunk. So we get home, pissed off because of the recent Covid news, open the trunk to the pleasant surprise. At first we thought it was just on top, but then we realized that it had gone all the way down into the car, so we legit had to take out the spare tire and everything. 35 minutes of pure fun.
Also the Spanish translation for Walk in the Light was pawned off onto us because some of the elders uploaded it wrong so we had to come to the rescue once again. That took up a chunk of our Sunday.
We did have a few good things happen. I accidentally BLEW THROUGH a stop sign, with a cop following right behind us. Literally a cop directly behind me. And by the grace of God, he didn't pull me over. I still don't know why, but he didn't. We also had one cool miracle. So on Saturday, it was 9:03 pm and our work was over. We were ready to be done for the night, but my companion suggested that we call just this last lady, and we did, but she didn't answer so we just went on with the night. About an hour later, she gives us a call back and asks us a bunch of questions about how we got her number and all that. She eventually began to tell us how her bother had just died from Covid and how she was going through some really tough times. she said "I really just need some direction in my life" and so we told her that we could help and she was super happy. We are super excited to see what comes from her. 
I really am sorry for complaining so much, because that's basically what this email is. It was just a crazy week full of good and bad things, but just very eventful. I love you all, have a great week!

Cosas de RI 
1. Me and my companion had a 15 minute argument on whether Rhode Island was a Southern or Northern state in the Civil War. I didn't think that it was even a debate. I was like, "bro do you realize how far NORTH we freakin are?"
2. Also for some reason, my comp CONVENIENTLY decides to take 30 minute dumps right in the middle of our prime proselyting time, and when your comp is in the bathroom, the other one can't be on his phone, therefore I can't do anything. I'm like "bruh, come on we are literally wasting so much time."
3. People here just cross the street with no regard to cars. They jump out into traffic, walk as slow as possible, and just look the other way as if oncoming traffic isn't there. It literally makes me so mad cuz I could run them over, and they literally wouldn't even move. Like pay attention bruh. 


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