February 8, 2021


Providence, Rhode Island


Elder Jackson Metler

Computer Crash

Yoo what is up everyone, another week out here in RI. Yesterday we received a CRAP ton of Snow. So I'm finally getting that "New England Winter" that I was expecting when I got called here. It's been pretty dope
This week has been SOOO busy, its been insane. We had zone conference again this week and Pres had a super amazing message. Also fun to see some other missionaries for once. Daniel is still progressing super well, to the point that he has read 20 chapters in the BOM just this week. He is such a beast. We unfortunately have had to stop teaching a bunch of other people in the teaching pool this week cuz of lack of progress. It's a little sad but we know we got to focus on the people who really want to receive the gospel. 
We had a super amazing experience with a lady we started teaching this week. We were in the first lesson with this lady, and as we got to know her a little more. She began to tell us how she wanted to pray, but was scared to do it for some reason. She told us that she just felt Intimidated by it, although she really really wanted to. We first taught her how to pray. Then we read the scripture that says "the spirit teaches a man to pray always, but the devil teaches a man not to pray," explained that her bad feelings of prayer came from the devil, and then invited her on the spot to pray. She was a little scared but she did it. She began to pray about her son and how she was worried about him and just broke down. We could all feel such an amazing connection between her and God because of how sincere the prayer was. The spirit was so strong. It was so amazing to help someone like that. 
We were in charge of editing the Spanish Walk in the Light, and man was that something. We spent a good chunk of Saturday doing the editing and rendering the video. But Sunday we had to upload it to Facebook and that takes about 4-5 hours mas o menos because the video is about 6 GB. So we showed up at 9 Am to get the upload started so that it could run through church. We get to about 1:30 and the upload stops at 99.9% and just freezes. I was like BRUHH. So then we had to stay at the church for another 4-5 hours for it to upload again. So 7 o'clock rolls around, and it does the exact same thing. Gets to 99.9% and freezes. I was literally so freakin mad. So we called up the SMS and we worked it out to used their professional stream program so it all worked out fine, but we literally didn't leave the church until 9pm. But by this time, our phones had died so we literally could not do missionary work besides Facebook Finding on the computer. 9AM-9PM all in the church. Good times. Mind you, it was dumping 6 Inches of snow, so we were a little worried about having to drive home. We came home and realized we had to shovel, so spent another hour shoveling snow. Today was one of the most exhausting days of my mission. 
This week was kind of insane, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I love you all, have a great week! 

Cosas De RI 
1. It's a good time watching all the idiots try and drive in the snow. I may be from Arizona, but I at least know that you can't just GUN IT when there's 2 inches of snow on the ground. 


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