December 14, 2020


Providence, Rhode Island


Elder Jackson Metler


Hello everyone this was a pretty boring (in the sense of an email) but good week. We did a lot of service at food pantrys, a lot of phone calls, and Facebook Finding.
 I'm sure you saw in my pics last week, but we did get to go to Newport, RI (not Newps California). It's an island off of RI and it's super dope. It literally had the biggest mansions I have ever seen in my entire life. It was so boujee. The toll to cross the bridge just to get there was 4 bucks each way 🙄. Super dope tho. We also got to see this old abandoned WW2 military bunker.
We had 2 cool experiences this week. One was that we had the opportunity to give a recent convert some "light the world" cookies when she was having a super bad day. Her nephew was in the hospital and she was tripping bad, so we felt super awesome being able to make her feel better. Another experience was with our other recent convert Johnathan. He apparently had never prayed about the Book of Mormon yet he was baptized (that don't make sense). So we invited him on Monday night to do so, and he came back on Saturday night with an amazing story about how he got his answer. He said it was a feeling he had never felt before and it made him cry just sitting at his desk. It was an amazing testimony builder for me. Read the book of Mormon, ponder it in your heart, ask God if it is true with real intent, He then will give you that same feeling that Johnathan felt. I promise. Love you all, que tengan una linda semana
Cosas De RI
1. I'm pretty sure that Rhode Island beats out Utah for the worst state when it comes to construction. I mean the 1-15 is bad but ya'll should see here.


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