December 7, 2020


Providence, Rhode Island


Elder Jackson Metler

rHoDe iSlAnD?

Hello everyone and like I said, I'm back to being a normal missionary again here in Providence, Rhode Island. It's been a little weird adjusting to a new area, apartment, and companion but it's goin pretty well I would say. The area is awesome, Providence is a super cool town. It's like a small big city in the sense that it has a downtown and big buildings but it's still not that big of a city. We have the ENTIRE state as our area and that is so lit. I don't think there is anyone in the country that can say that besides me, so imma flex on ya'll about it. Pday is gonna be sick because there are a lot of fun things to do here on pday. We also got called as the Providence Facebook page admins, so I'm excited that I will still be somewhat involved in the social media work. My companion is named Elder Metler and he is from Oregon as well, so now that's two comps in a row from Oregon. He is super cool tho, loves fishing, sports, and is super chill so I can already tell we are gonna get a long just fine. Rhode Island is not doing so hot in the sense of Covid so everything is kind of shut down, including in person church. That's a bummer but it's alright just gotta keep on going. The apartment is a downgrade (gonna be straight up) as far as quality but there are some plusses. It's a house so we can park in the driveway and not have to park in an apartment complex parking lot, it's also bigger than my old apartment, and we have nice rolley chairs. But besides that it's just kind of an old, creaky, New England house. Can't complain tho cuz we have hot water and something to heat the apartment. Sorry for such a long description but that's the rundown of my new area haha. I'm super excited and optimistic about it. 
This week has been the start of Light the World and it has been so amazing. This initiative is such a great way to bring us all together during this Christmas time despite the freakin Corona. It's super cliché but let Jesus be the light during this season for all of you. Much love
-Elder Bade Bamac 

Cositas de RI
1. I'm pretty sure Rhode Island is just about as real as Wyoming, so who knows where I ACTUALLY am rn.
2. It takes like 45 min to drive through this state
3. Even after a week, it still is cool to see all the Rhode Island license plates cuz I had literally seen like 4 ever in my life before I came here.


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