November 16, 2020


New Haven, CT


Elder Alex Sims

Mission Tour

Muy Buenos Días a todos, hello everyone. Twas another solid in New Haven. We had a "Mission tour" from a member of the 70, Elder Kelly R. Johnson. He didn't actually come to Boston, but just did a bunch of Zoom calls from the church office building haha. It was super awesome tho, we got to have 3 meetings with him. We also had a social media meeting, and President made it very clear to us the day before that we needed to flex our social media work hard core. So we spent a while making a slideshow, showing him all the stuff that we do, and I think we succeeded cuz he seemed impressed.
We also had a reassignment missionary meeting, and I kind of was expecting something to happen. Maybe tell us that some of us would go back to our original assignments, buuuuuuut it was super anti-climactic. They just talked about how you are called to the work and not to a place, which made for a super great meeting and was a great message, but I guess I was expecting something more haha.
The rest of the week was super good. More great lessons with Eliot and with Wilfredo. Eliot unfortunately did not come to church because he was not feeling well, but Wilfredo did come. He is so excited to get baptized, but we are probably going to have to break him the news soon that he is not going to be allowed to because of his parole. We will see. He also has a new GF and she is a member too! We are so hyped (they finna get sealed one day). Love you all, have a fantastic week!!
Our district had to make a training video for the zona, so we made it a Mannequin challenge and it was actually super fire.

Also happy birthday to my stud for a little brother, Carter! Love you so much little homie


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