October 27, 2020


New Haven, CT


Elder Alex Sims


Hello everyone, so I had a super dope way to start off my week. On Wednesday, we went up to transfers so we could film some more musical numbers, and I got to see another Gilbert homie, and neighbor of many years, Jack Kelly.  We honestly did not need to go all the way up to transfers, but my comp wanted to say goodbye to one of his friends that was going, so we justified it by doing some musical number filming. It was super dope tho cuz me, Tanner and Jack all got to hang out and talk and just had a little G-town reunion. Dropped a pic of us 3 below if ya'll haven't already seen it on FB. 
As for the rest of the week, we just had it pretty normal and spent a lot of it preparing for the Ty Detmer Walk in the Light. It ended up going super well despite the fact that the camera did not work. Ni modo. Mr. Detmer pulled a fat prank on me tho. About 30 minutes before the event, he called me and said "Hey something just came up and I don't think I'm going to be able to do it." My heart sunk from my chest straight to the floor, my face went white, and my brain went into full panic mode. He let me suffer for all of like 5-6 seconds as we sat there in silence, and then said "Ah I'm just playin with you, don't worry." It had a lasting effect on my, like my heart continued to pump for like 10 minutes afterwards.
Our Amigo, Eliot is doing super well. We had an amazing lesson with him on Saturday about the Plan of Salvation, and had an amazing discussion on the Atonement. He had never really understood how it worked before, so we explained it to him, and he loved it so much. He explained to us how he could more feel the personal connection with Jesus Christ knowing that he suffered personally for each and every one of us. Jesus loves you, let Him into your life. Have a fantastic week!
Cositas de Conn
1. Don't you love when you are eating Little Caesars on the hood of the car, and then a gust of wind blows over the marinara sauce, causing it to hit the ground, and splatters ALL over the lightest colored pants you have? Even though there are 3 elders standing significantly closer to the spill, yet it only touches you and not even a single drop hits them? Yes it's fantastic
2. Yesterday it said that Gilbert was only 2 degrees warmer than here in New Haven. I looked a month ago, and there was a 45 degree difference one day. Crazy how things can change.


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