August 10, 2020


New Haven, CT


Elder Jeffery Francom

Fallen trees

Hey everyone so a good week here in New Haven. On Tuesday there was a HUGE rainstorm with like 87 mph winds so it left massive trees in streets and crap fallen over everywhere. Luckily we got to do some service because of that. There is a park around here and we know the lady that runs it, and she gave us some work. Her name is Leanne and she is a little annoying cuz she is super passive aggressive towards us and kinda mean yet we are doing all the work for her. Gotta love that. We also had in person zone conference and listening to president Mavromatis was great. His Brazilian accent makes it even better haha. We were even asked to give a spiritual number so we had to film us singing and it was horrible. But we did it. Just put my head down as it played. I had the awesome opportunity to translate a baptismal interview for a Latina lady and I was so glad to have that opportunity. Crazy almost a month here! Have a great week love you all!
Costas de Conn:
1. There is no more panic than waking up to a blaring fire alarm. It's like waking up to a phone call times 10.
2. It's crazy how you drive down one street and it's this super nice Yale street and turn down the next street and it's super ghetto.


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