August 4, 2020


New Haven, CT


Elder Jeffery Francom

1 year/911 What's your emergencia

Hello everyone what's good? Don't get scared it's not as long as it looks, just a little optional story at the bottom. So I sort of hit my year mark this week. Haven't been out on the mish a year but crazy it's been a whole year since I went into the MTC. Crazy ride so far and can't wait to see what this next year brings. As far as celebrating, we got lucky and coincidentally got fed pupusas on my exact year mark and that made me so happy. It was legit so perfect. We just bought a lighter so a picture of a burned white shirt is coming soon. 
As far as the missionary work goes, this week was about the same as all the others. Working hard on Facebook finding, going off of references, member lessons, English class, contacting the "interested", and doing social media posts. We still haven't seen a ton of success but did see one miracle this week. We found a lady through Facebook and set up a lesson. She was super positive and said she had met with missionaries in Puerto Rico a few months back. We found out she lived out of our area,  so we sent the referral to the Elders. They told us they had received a referral for the same exact woman from the Puerto Rican elders, the phone number on there was wrong. They were gonna just throw the referral away, but because we had also found her, we could get them the right reference. Crazy how the Lord knew the phone number would be wrong on the area book so he allowed us to find her on Facebook. He works in mysterious ways. And now she wants to be baptized so we are so excited for that. Also Alma from El Salvador wants to get baptized too and we are so pumped for that! She remembers everything from 4 months ago and her testimony hasn't changed at all. She says she already received her answer that this is right 4 months ago and that hasn't changed at all.
I love you all and hope you all have a great week. The super long thing below is just a funny/cool/interesting experience and not apart of the letter really. 
Cosas de Conn
1. I accidentally had my first handshake of my whole time out here on the mish. Crazy huh, missionaries that don't shake hands?
2. The other day I said how I was disappointed about no one knowing Fenway Park, well I mentioned Ty Detmer in district council and every single one of them said "who's that?" I was astonished. He literally went to BYU.
3. We work at the institute building sometimes and when we have our 15 min breaks, ping pong keeps me going.

(911 story) So this week I had my first exchange with the 911 operator. Pulling up to a members house, we witnessed the scene of a man, with failing kidneys, rolling on the ground while his family was freaking out. We noted that they were Hispanic, so we used our bilingual skills to ask if we could do anything to help. He said call the ambulance, so that's what I did. It honestly surprised me how nonchalant the 911 operator was but I guess that's his everyday job. He asked me a few questions (first was if anyone on the premises had Corona virus) and once I told the operator that the man injured was Hispanic, he immediately transferred me to the Spanish operator. I tried to tell the new operator that I was white and could do it in English but he wasn't having it so I had to redo the questions allllll over again in my second language. Mind you all, this is while the entire family is screaming at me in Spanish asking when the ambulance is gonna be there. I finally got off of the call and it took the ambulance kind of awhile to get there. so I started sweating a bit maybe thinking I said the wrong address or something, but eventually they pulled through. Once they got there, We kinda just sat there awkwardly as the whole scene took place, two random kids standing in white shirts and ties with nothing to offer, but we felt we couldn't leave cuz we were a part of it and also our car was blocked haha. It was so funny to me that when the paramedics showed up, the first two things they did: 1- tell me to pull my mask up. 2- point a thermometer at the deceasing man's forehead like a gun as he hurls in pain. Like come on bro. All jokes aside, I was super glad that we were there at the right exact moment to help this family when they needed it. They thanked us so much when we left and made me feel good knowing I helped someone that day and that God had placed us in the position to do so.


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