March 2, 2020


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Ricky Ferrel

Week 30- Follow the Spirit

So this week was pretty great but not super eventful. On Tuesday, we had interviews with President Dubon and those are always amazing to get to talk with him and learn more from him. The lady I mentioned last week, Alma, has progressed even more so much that we put a fecha (date) with her for the 21st of March and we are so excited. She is a golden investigator. It took a whole 3 hour visit to put the date because she talks so much but it for sure valio la pena (was worth it). 
We had a really cool experience this week I wanted to share with u all if anyone even still reads these emails. We were walking at like 4:50 to our 5 o'clock appointment and I all of a sudden got a super strong feeling as we walked down this street to go and visit Anthony, who lives close to there and right now has a baptismal date. I kept walking for a little bit and tried to justify it but I couldn't really fight away the impression. So I stopped in the middle of the street, looked at my comp, and told him we were gonna turn around and go visit Anthony. So that's what we did. We showed up and at first everything was just fine until we sat down and Anthony started to cry. For him, who acts like this big, tough, cocky, 16 year old kid, this was out of character so we knew something was up. He began to tell us that something really bad had happened with his aunt and they were just really having a tough time. The aunt came out, talked to us a little while too as she was bawling crying. We calmed them down a bit, gave them some consuelo (comfort) and shared a message about faith. We told them that God gives us trials and that we need to have faith that it will all be okay and that there isn't any trial we can't overcome. After the message, we were able to give them both priesthood blessings. It was such an amazing experience for me and the Spirit was so very strong in that home. I know God led us there. At first we didn't know why, but it came to show that it was the right decision to turn around and go back. The spirit will guide us if we are willing to listen and if we are worthy of it. Make sure you all have your listening ears on cuz the Spirit wants to talk to you. Love u all, have a great week, see u all soon.

Cositas Salvadoreñas
1. Imagine buying an $80,000 dollar Porsche and then bringing it to an El Salvadorian mechanic that is legit placed on the curb of a main road. That's how people treat their stuff here.
2. Everyday here is almost the exact same as a missionary. Except on Sundays we just can't go and buy water when we are thirsty.
3. I have 6 months here of putting my clothes on the wire outside with no problems. Some dude decided to jack my teal football shorts with my number on them and nothing more. Left everything else but took those. Ask me how mad I was.


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