February 10, 2020


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Kevin Subirana

Week 27- Dunked

Alright so this was another great week. We started it off on p-day with our district activity and that was a good time. Again we went bowling and just like last time it is a joy watching a bunch of latino girls attempt to throw straight.
On Tuesday, we were invited by one of the priests in the ward, Nefi Olivas, to go and talk in front of his class at his high school. We didn't really know what we were gonna go and talk about but we said yes and went. It's a bilingual school so they just wanted me to come because I'm a gringo. The principal gave me a tour around the school and I legit felt like a celebrity
(I felt more uncomfortable than a celebrity really
as all the kids were pointing and staring at me). We went in the class and I got to first talk about the Book of Mormon, and we gave away 7 so that was cool. After, all the kids just asked me questions about me and the USA to practice their English. It was a cool experience.
On Saturday was the big day. Finally the baptism of Fernanda and it was so awesome. Everything went super smoothly. Except we had to spend allll morning cleaning the font-church, and filling the font cuz it fills up so slow. I had the opportunity to baptize her and it was so awesome. She was super nervous, and ngl I was too but it was awesome. I felt such a peace and joy throughout the whole night. A lot of people showed up, even her mom. Her mom believe it or not started crying. It's so awesome to be apart of helping someone come unto Christ and become a true disciple. Fernanda is gonna be such an awesome member, she is already asking the bishop to get her temple recommend to go with the ward this week. Love u all, have a great week and see u all soon!

*Bday shoutout today to Pauge Bond. Party it up,
love u

Cositas Salvadoreñas
1. Sucking out of a filter is beginning to get real old. I just really miss some free flowing, below room temperature, parasite free, H20.
2. I walked out of one of the rooms in a house to find the bathroom, went the wrong way and soon found myself running like a little girl from a massive dog that got 2 inches from biting me. But also 2 inches from me kicking it into next week.
3. I keep thinking that because I have been in this area so long, that I am gonna run out of cositas to say, but this country keeps amazing me and somehow there is always something.


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