February 3, 2020


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Kevin Subirana

Week 26- 6 month miracles

What's up everyone? This was such a great week. Glad to say that I have hit 6 months. Crazy that I'm 1/4 done, time really does fly. But this week was a super good week, we saw some real miracles this week. Starting off, after a bunch of fasting and prayer, we finally got the permission from Fernanda's mom for the baptism, so this Saturday we've got our baptism with her and she asked me to baptize her! It's been long awaited but I finally have my first baptism, and it truly is a fruit of our labors. Also the family I told u guys about last week, Family Mejia, we put all three of them on date. It was such a great experience. They told us that they had been praying for years to find the truth, and that we were 2 angels sent to their door and an answer to their prayer. During that lesson, I felt the spirit so strong, one of the strongest times I have felt in my entire life. The mom and dad were both in tears and told us they are ready to prepare for baptism. It was such a miracle. God is good.
Also this week on Sunday, we showed up to church and the bishop signaled over to me and told me right then and there that I had to give a baby blessing and I was like what the heck cuz I had never done it before. So I just followed the spirit and did it haha.
Also last week we got to go and tour the national soccer stadium and it was super cool. We just had to pay the security guard 1 dollar and we were all good. Haha that's how things work here.
But this really was a great week for us and the Lord has been blessing us for our labors.  I love this work and it's been good to finally be able to eat of the fruit. Love you all, have a good week and see u soon. 
*Shoutout to my dad on his birthday this week on the 8th. 2 more years and u gonna hit 50. Haha love u Dad
Cositas Salvadoreñas
1. As we were walking down the street one night, someone yelled at us to come over and talk to her. That doesn't happen all that often so we stopped and were about to go over to her.  She said "Mormonsitos, enseña me la biblia por favor, enseña me the biblia mormoncitos. por favor." Yeah once we realized it was a prostitute we just kept on walking.
2. Bought a new jump rope to spice up my very limited time and ability to workout, but just like everything (right Chad Camac) it breaks the first day u get it. This universal rule came to pass as I somehow managed to completely shatter one of the handles the same day I bought it.
3. For my 6 months, we did the ceremonial burn a tie.
Also I'm sorry everyone that I haven't sent pictures. It's just that the computers at this church are not compatible with my sim card so when I can I will send them all at once.


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