January 20, 2020


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Kevin Subirana

Week 24- Buddha

Well hello everyone, pretty good week again and it went by super fast. It's been great with my new comp we have been working hard and he is so awesome. Since we are still figuring out our new area and stuff, we did a lot of contacting this week and didn't have a lot of success but we did find this one family that we are super excited about. we met the dad and he told us about a lot of his problems and had a contact for an entire hour. He told us that he has a friend that is a return missionary and has been talking to them too so that was cool to see how the Lord has been preparing them to receive the gospel. We have a return appointment with them this week.
With Fernanda, we had to move her baptismal date back a little bit because she has been out of town but things are still looking great with her. Also put one with her cousin, Alesandra, that has already had a date but that fell through too but they both are doing awesome and progressing well. Another great lesson with them this week.
It's super embarrassing but we lost another one of the stupid Nokia phones and we had to ask the secretaries for another one and I felt like an idiot cuz we went another 4 days having to ask people to use their phone and it was so annoying. I think that was a record, 2 phones in less than a month.
I've mentioned this a few times but I had the opportunity to give another blessing to a Hermano that is moving to Spain. It is always such an amazing experience to feel the guidance and the spirit so profound as we are able to exercise the priesthood. I could feel the spirit so strong it was an awesome experience.
We also have been teaching a Buddhist, and it has been quite the experience. She is super blunt and open about everything and has really been testing us but we always just fall back and bear our testimony that we know that the Book of Mormon is true and that she can know for herself that it is true also. A great thing for all of us to learn is that when we don't know something or someone won't accept the teachings, the best thing to do is just testify of its truthfulness and that brings so much power even if they don't believe it. I know the Book of Mormon is true and it is a book inspired of God. If we know that it is true, then everything else just falls into place. Love you all, have a great week, and see u soon.

**Happy Birthday to my cousin Hayden Hassell love u homie!
Cositas Salvadoreñas
1. If any of you so happened to be wondering if McDonald's was any different in El Salvador, don't worry they can't get your order right here either.
2. I thought 8 dimes was bad that one time until i received 15 nickels back in change. I was in such disbelief that I was disrespected so horribly
3. Usually the street peeing people have the respect to face the wall but last week I turned the corner and saw a lot more than I wanted to. 
4. We were at the bus station and this vendor lady and this other vendor started beefing so the lady filled up bags of salsa and started literally throwing at him it was so funny
5. I was so sad I missed the national championship  game that is my favorite game to watch alllll year :(


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