January 13, 2020


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Kevin Subirana

Week 23- Training all over again

Alright so since last pday was Wednesday, had a short week but it was good. First week working with Elder Subirana and it went pretty well. His last area was straight pueblo, and now he is freaking out here cuz in the city there aren't 3 baptisms every month like it is out there. It's been awesome with him though cuz I am learning a lot from him. A lot of stuff that my trainer just neglected to teach me or tell me. I really think the work here is gonna start to move along a lot better now.
The mission changed our boundaries with us and the hermanas in the ward and pretty much got wrecked. We had to give like two thirds of our area and people to the hermanas so we are pretty much opening an area, but whatever just gotta keep on goin.
We had another great lesson with our hermana on date, Fernanda, and she has such a great desire to be baptized it's so awesome. The only problem is that her mom doesn't think she is ready yet to "make a pact with god" quite yet. But we are praying hard that she will let her. Also one of the less active people that we have been visiting for legit 6 months on and off, finally showed up to church yesterday and when I saw him I legit freaked out cuz I was so happy. He told me that for him, this is the year he is gonna make changes and I'm so happy for him. Hope u all have a great week, love u all so much and see u soon.
*Shoutout to my cuñado Brock with his birthday this week on the 17th...also shoutout to Aubrey Whitmore that is leaving on her mission this Wednesday!
Cositas Salvadoreñas
1. We live literally 100 yards from a strip club
2. For whatever reason, nobody has their phone number memorized. They have to pull a paper out of their wallet or have it taped to the back of their phone
3. Last week we pulled up to KFC and walked in to find 4 other missionaries from like 2 zones over. Literally catching them in the act of being chambones it was so funny.


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