December 2, 2019


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Jair Ixtepan

Week 17- El Salvador Thanksgiving

What's up everyone? Another super fast week. We started the week spending half of our pday doing service and that was awesome. There is a super old lady that can't do much so we spent a couple of hours cleaning her whole house and washing a bunch of clothes. On Tuesday was the multi-zona and those are always so great. We got to see all the homies as well as learn from the mission president, it's so great. Had exchanges again and all of them at the other house had all run out of money so I bought them all pupusas haha. Also in their neighborhood, there is a basketball court, so we went early in the morning to play a little, and not gonna lie, it was kind of embarrassing how much my athleticism has dropped. My pride took a huge hit. I hope u all had a great Thanksgiving, cuz I really did miss it. But, Family Olivas gave me the best Thanksgiving they could with turkey and mashed potatoes which I was super grateful for. We had some great lessons this week with Hermana Alesandra and Fernanda, but again they were busy and couldn't come to church, but besides that they have been progressing and I think we could see baptisms with them soon. Got a little sick on Saturday, and my nose was running like crazy, but by the next day it was all gone thanks to Jenny's massive supply of first aid that she packed with me, that at first I didn't want but now am very grateful. Thanks Mom. Yesterday was the day we got the call for changes, the day I had been waiting for for like a month and a half so I could finally leave my trainer. What do u know, we both are staying here for another transfer, which like never happens, but what can u do, life moves on. Love u all and hope u all had a great week.

Cositas Salvadoreñas
1. Driving is considered a skill here and not a norm. I am frequently asked if I know how to drive and I'm like "yeah who doesn't?"
2. One perk of being away from home is I don't have to do the yearly Chad Camac Christmas set-up Saturday. Good luck getting Fisher to set the lights up correctly haha.
3. Also there are a bunch of driving schools around here and it's so funny to see all the people stall the cars and just be terrible drivers.
4. Since Thanksgiving doesn't exist here, it's legit been Christmas since the first of November
5. Saw a dude riding his motorcycle wearing a worn out baseball helmet for 10 year olds. I was like what is that gonna do if u fall.


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