September 30, 2019


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Jair Ixtepan

Week 8

Hey everyone another week out here in El Salvador and I'm doing great. I’ve been out here 2 months now which is crazy but at the same time feels like i have been here forever. anyways so this week, my companion is from mexico and he saw this all you can eat tacos and he went ham on them haha. on wendsday we had to go to migration with all of the new kids from the mtc and it was actually really nice to just sit there in the waiting room and get to talk to all my mtc friends. usually sitting in places like that drive me insane, but i enjoyed it a lot. i got sick this week on thursday and we had to stay inside all day which kinda sucked. Not sure what i ate, but my stomach did not agree with it. I gave another blessing this week in spanish to a 6 month old baby that was crying the whole time but its always a great experience to give a blessing. we also went on exchanges on sat with the zone leader and ap, and it was kinda nice to hang out with someone new, we didn't find anyone but it was good. its been kind of hard cuz none of our investigators have been progressing but we did get 2 less active/inactive people to come back to church so that was awesome. Also this week it literally rained the entire week, its nice because that means its not hot haha. it didn't rain bad until friday and we literally got soaked so bad, and nobody was letting us inside so we just continued to get wetter and wetter. apparently this week is going to be worse so hopefully i don't die. we also had interviews with mission president and apparently we have them every change, but seriously he is so awesome. also forgot to say that last week i got to see Mckay Erickson who was a friend from Highland who is in my mission and it was nice to see a familiar face. overall a good week.  hope u all are doing great love you all.  

•sorry no pictures this week, I left my sim card at home/maybe lost it.

I'm going to start doing a list of strange/funny things that I see or happen here in El Salvador similar to Kenzie's things that are things.

Cositas Salvadorenas 1. we had to sit on a 20 minute bus ride and someone had just thrown up and i literally had to choke my way through that bus ride 2. its so wack that you can be in one neighborhood and you see a super nice house with a beemer out front and then go 5 min the other way and you see tin houses with dirt floors and then drive 5 more minutes and you can find a fully American looking mall 3. at anytime of the day, people will light off fireworks. 7:30 am on a sunday morning “great time for some fireworks.” 4. people here just ask old women how old they are. 5. people indentify people as gordita or fat and it’s fine 6. the bishop walks around the chapel before sacrament and gives everyone knuckles 7. there are orange Honda Fits literally everywhere here and I always think of Noah Burdick so someone tell him 8. when the sun is out, it is literally so hot. the sun goes away, it feels perfectly fine. 9. I heard forever young being played and made me sad thinking of sr prom 10. our stake pres is some white guy from Utah

Elder Camac


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