September 23, 2019


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Jair Ixtepan

Week 8 - 2nd week in field

Alright everyone, this week it's me writing my email cuz I didn't have time last week so my mom did it for me. To clarify, there are lots of cars here not just busses. Anyways, finished up week 2 here in the field and it went pretty well in the sense that I am a lot more accustomed to the life of a missionary but still getting used to it. It was kinda tough tho because it felt like literally all of our appointments fell through this week and we just had to walk around allll day cuz our area is massive but all is well. In my district, it's full of Latino hermanas and then me and my companion, who is also Latino, so I am the only white male person in my area. I guess this is the safe part of town so the hermanas are here and then my comp is district leader. The people here are seriously the best. They take great care of us and always offer us food. They loooove to talk like literally they would sit there and talk to you for hours if you don't cut them off and say we have to go. Everyone here believes in Jesus, literally everyone. The country's name is El Salvador so makes sense. That is good but also bad cuz people want to talk about Jesus  but then we figure out that they have been listening to us for 5 visits but have no interest in the Church but like to listen to us. Had a great experience this week. I got to give my first blessing in Spanish this week and I was so nervous. I'm pretty confident in my Spanish but not in a blessing. But it seriously went so so well and the words just flowed out of my mouth so well. I could really feel the gift of tongues and even the guy said it was so clear. couple of funny or interesting things this week./
1. They put everything in bags here. It's so weird. You ask for a bottle of Coke and they will pour it in a bag and give it to u. They put salsa in bags. Bags of water. It's so weird
2. I hate dogs now. They are so annoying as a missionary. And they are everywhere here
3. Something happened a little West of us with the police, so there were police men just casually walking around with ARs in their hand like it's nothing.
4. Also was talking to an old lady and suddenly realized that there was a hole in her shirt right across her boob so I don't think I'll ever get that out of my brain
Birthday shoutout on the 19th to my homie Jake Fal in Guatemala. Love u homie

Great week, love u all.
Elder Camac


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