September 16, 2019


Mira Monte Ward, San Salvador, El Salvador


Elder Jair Ixtepan

Week 6-El Salvador!!

Hello family and friends, I made it to El Salvador! After finishing my time at the MTC and saying goodbye to all my friends we woke up at 3am and left at 4 on like a 4-5 hour bus ride from Guatemala to here. We did an orientation, met the mission Pres and his wife and got assigned our trainers and which area we were serving in. All of this happened at the stake center right by the San Salvador temple which is such a beautiful temple. It's super pretty here and I'm excited. My mission Pres is super cool but just has some strict rules. My new P-day is Monday and will be the rest of my mission. I am a little nervous to be a real missionary but excited to finally be out of the MTC.

My trainer is Elder Ixtepan and he is from Mexico City, MX. He's pretty cool but we don't have a whole lot in common. He doesn't really know much English except letters and numbers, but luckily my Espanol is pretty decent so we can communicate ok. The area we are in is the Mira Monte Ward which is in downtown San Salvador. It's a really big city with lots of people and buses and stray dogs. You never see cars, just people and buses. And the people on the buses don't respect your personal space AT ALL!! The other cool thing about my area is it's near a dormant volcano. The people we've met so far are awesome and really friendly. The food is good, especially the pupusas. I'm adjusting to the missionary life, but it's a TON of walking and a lot of it is uphill. The bummer is we walk and walk to get to someone's house for an appointment then when we get there, they're not home or they cancel on us. So we have to walk all the way back. My apartment is kind of a dump but it will do.

I love and miss you all! Thanks for the emails and the support. Shout out to Scotty Wallin on his mission call to Honduras...we're not gonna be too far away from each other. And to Bryson Zimmerman on departing for his mission to South Africa. Congrats to my cousin Sam and her husband Tim for their new baby Beau! Life is good.

Elder Camac


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