July 3, 2017


Mission Home Cuiabà, Brazil


Elder Levi Lowder

I KNOW that fasting and prayer make a difference.

This week I went to Caceres, a rural city about 4 hours from Cuiaba to go on splits with the elders serving there. It was a good time and they are really working hard. Because of the split, we lost about 3 days of our week so we really tried to get after it here. The members here are starting to give lots of great references that we are starting to teach and it awesome. We've got 3 peole on date to be baptized this week and one of them is one of these references. :)

I wanted to share what happened this week. I believe it happened because of prayer and fasting. We decided last week that we would fast this week with our Ward mission leader and the Ward missionaries to find new people to teach and those who are ready to be baptized. So this week, what happened... Kilmer told us he really wants to be baptized now and Ana, who we have teaching for about 2 months, called us to her house and her mom sits down in front of us and says, "I've been thinking, we are going to let Ana be baptized now."... We about fell over! haha!
Then... the 3rd miracle. Yesterday, at lunch, we get a call from a guy named Diego. His name was in our phone but we didn't know who he was. He says he wants to talk with us in the church later on. So he came to the church while we were having a meeting and when he gets there we recognize him because he had come to the Ward conference and that's all. He says, "Elders... look, I want to get baptized. Can you make an interview for me this week? When he saw that we were in shock he says, "Relax, I already know it's true. I've already attended church a ton of times but lately I've been busy, but now, I'm ready. I know for myself that it is true. I already know it all, book of Mórmon, Joseph Smith, Thomas Monson. I quit smoking, drinking, all that , I'm ready....I'm free every day after 6:00pm......

Yuppp! I about cried! haha. I cant really put into words how I felt, but it was a miracle. This guy, it turns out, was taught by the sister missionaries a long time ago and has a girlfriend in the church but didn't want to be baptized just because of her. Now he is ready and Heavenly Father put him in our path...

I KNOW that fasting and prayer make a difference. The Lord has to bless us if we are obedient. He doesn't say how, or when. But He Always will. :)
I love this Gospel and this church. :)

Elder Craig :)


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