April 24, 2017


Mission Home Cuiabà, Brazil


Elder Levi Lowder

Big Email

How's it goin?! First off, the computers here in this new area don't have a button to type a question mark so that's great! haha. But this new area has a lot of perks, we live close to the center, super close to the chapel. Our house is probably one of the fanciest in the mission (but small) and with 4 Americans we are always laughing, quoting Nacho Libre, Napoleon Dynamite, and lots of youtube videos. We've all got more than a year on the mission so our Portuguese is fine as of now, haha.

The members here are real animated and love the missionaries ,which helps alot! We've got a new ward mission leader who is excited to help us as well and well... we are gonna need all the help we can get... We have a lot of cleaning up to do here in this area and we need to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, I got a little sick Tuesday and then out of no where, an asthma attack! haha So Wednesday, we had to go to the hospital and I took some medication and a breathing treatment but now I'm all good. So we lost about 2 days of work, but we are hyped to get things going next week. So that's the story. Up until now it's been going slow but sometimes you have to go slow to go fast. :)

Have a great week and if you get a chance, read these scriptures. One that I liked this week was Mosiah 4. It's a great chapter. :)

Elder Craig:)


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