April 17, 2017


Mapim, Brazil


Elder Rojas

Week of Transfers

Hello, all! I'm happy and healthy aside from some the ocassional neck pain. ;)
Welllll... I'm being transfered and its' sad but I think that a new area and companion will be a good change. :) Our mission is undergoing many changes and creating new zones and divisions. I will now be with Elder Levi Lowder from Detroit Michigan! We are already good freinds here on the mission so it should be a blast! We will be the zone leaders of what is now the largest zone in the mission. It's gonna be a lot of follow up, ha! Also, our house will be 4 Americans!! Us and then Elder Corbyn Plougher, and Elder Logan Browning. Good luck for our Portuguese haha!

This week we saw a lot of progress in our investigators 9, yes 9 !!!! All of them went to church! I love this area because the members here are amazing. When we bring someone to church they try to sit next to them, and talk with them; The teachers involve them in the lessons and the bishopric makes it a point to shake their hands. I really will be sad to leave Mapim. It has been the best area on the mission, so far, for me. Also it will be tough to leave the people who we helped accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. But we are the one's who control the circumstances and or attitudes in this life, so in the next area we´ll have to step outside of our comfort zone and get to work. :)

On saturday we taught another lesson in the chapel to Josey, one of our investigators who is gonna be baptized on the 29th. TEACHING IN THE CHURCH HAS POWER haha!! The spirit was super strong. She was having doubts about her baptism, we explained more about covenants and the Holy Ghost and baptism and invited her to pray about it and we reassured her that she is prepared. Generally, when we invite some one to pray about something, it's a personal prayer they do after we've gone. But Josey is incredible; we invited her to say the closing prayer and she surprised us and asked to know if it was true right then and there and if she should be baptized in the prayer with Elder Rojas and I in the room! When she finished the prayer, she was almost crying. She started to talk and we said "Wait, (silence) Do you feel this?" she said, "yes!" and we said, "that's the Holy Spirit, giving you and answer to your prayer." She smiled all big and laughed and she said, "You're right!" --such a cool experience with an INSTANT response to her prayers! ... Then she brought her son and daughter-in-law to church with her on Sunday. :)

So... the mission is a blast haha! This church is true and if you haven't gotten to know the missionaries yet, I'd highly reccommend it! I love this gospel and our Savior, Jesus Christ. He lives, I know it! My prayer is that we can remember this each day and not only in this Easter season!
Have a stellar week! You're all in my prayers!


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