July 18, 2016


Maracajú, Brazil


Elder Adam Nelson

The Gospel is Simple but Profound

This week went by real fast! I think it was because we traveled this week for a split and training. Elder Nelson went to Campo Grande for a training and I went to Dourados for a split with the Zone Leaders. We lost about 11/2 days of work because of this so the other days were real hurried, which isn't so great but has to happen sometimes. You have to keep a positive attitude about everything on the mission. When you do, the day is much better.

My English is getting worse! Ha! If it weren't for emails and writing in my journal each night, "ja era" for my english! (meaning too late, already gone, for my english!) My Portuguese, on the other hand, is improving. If it's a good day for me, I can pass for a Brazilian that lives in Rio Grande Du Sul, a state here in Brazil. I'm still losing my American accent but now my accent is similar to the people who live in Rio Grande Du Sul. Really now, it's just the little things with grammar and vocabulary. I have a long ways to go still but it's nice to not have to stress a bunch about being able to communicate.

Right now, as far as investigators, we have 4 that we could baptize but 3 are waiting for their documents and 1, the husband doesn't want to get married. :( But we are doing what we can to help them. We have 1 more investigator, a 17 yr old kid who's baptism date we will mark this week! :) Things are slowly progressing and people in the branch are finally starting to get behind the cause! We should have an activity this Friday where we can invite lots of investigators and we are starting to make more visits with the young men in our branch and other members. This area has sooo much potential! The problem is that as missionaries, you can only do so much, so it's great to see the people getting unified and helping!

This week the the bible, I'm in Hebrews. It is interesting to read things for more than 1 time and learn more and more and study more in depth. The gospel is simple but profound. I challenge you all, this week, to try to make your scripture study more effective and share what you learned with someone! :)

Love you all and I'm loving serving the Lord!

-Elder Craig!


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