May 2, 2016


Rondonoplis, MT, Brazil


Elder Vargas

It's raining and cool!

Bom Dia!

This week had lots of ups and downs. Tuesday it rained! Last month everyone here said that the rain was finished here until next year, but it rained basically all Tuesday and was great weather to work in. I used my umbrella and Elder Vargas used my raincoat because his umbrella broke. We had some good lessons and also some investigators who sadly told us that they have their own religion. If only they knew! They just need to frequent church.
But the weather! You don't realize how much the sun take out of you here or the heat in general, until it's cold. Brother Steve Duncan wasn't lying when he said that you would want a sweater at 75 degrees Ha! One picture is us in our sweaters when it is cold. At night we have been sleeping with sweats because our blankets are way thin. But it was great for proselyting because we had lots of energy. All of Motto Grosso sorta shut down because no one is accustomed to the cold. The cold lasted until about Thursday. We rigged our shower up when it was cold and now we have hot water that we basically only used for 2 days and then it was so hot again that we want cold water!

Really it was ups and downs this week. One day, all of our commitments fell through except 1. He plays 12 instruments and he just wanted o play for us and we just wanted to teach him. Then the next day an "UP", OUR PACKAGES ARRIVED!! And Letters!! Right when the last package of Sour Patch Kids was eaten, on the day that everything else fell through, the package arrived!! Then Friday, our money cain, or fell through. The word "Cain" is used for lots of words here: fell through, arrived, dropped, fell down...It all depends on the expression...gotta love Portuguese! But we got our money and went to the market to buy food and all of our stuff for the next few weeks. Many of our dinners are all beef or chicken patties, crackers and the Brazilian equivalent of Ramen noodles. I throw i broccoli, oranges, bananas and the likes with my food. This area, I'm learning, is one of the only areas in our mission where we don't get dinners from members, but sometimes we do :) Sister Sonia makes the best food. I added a couple pictures of her food.

Some highlights this week were that we got the permission of a young man's parents to baptize him! It's a 13 year old named Carlos Eduardo. Many other missionaries have taught him and his family but he hasn't been allowed to be baptized because his mother was very closed and against the church until Elder Vargas and I worked with them. He has been going to church for a few months but at church yesterday, he said that his mom approved!
We have been working with the Young Men's presidency, teaching them, because they don't know much and it has been a long time since missionaries tried to work with them. Also, we contacted some people this week who have good potential. Really, the main problem right now is that no one we are teaching is going to church!!
Sorry this letter was a bit scattered. I'm trying to think of all the little things. Like the day it rained, I second gear jump-started a motorcycle for a lady who couldn't get it to work. I wanted to ride it Ha! But all is well here! Working and loving it! Sometimes it is harder than I'd like it to be but that just means I'm growing and learning!
If you have time this week, read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and Pray to know if it is true. Even if you already have a testimony, there is always room grow!

-Elder Craig - The Americano


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