April 4, 2016


Rondonoplis, MT, Brazil


Elder Vargas



Hope you all had a great time watching General Conference! There was no watching in English here! I have yet to come in contact with another American or person that fluently speaks English for that matter, but this is blessing and helps my Portuguese! So I understood only parts of the talks but could still feel the Spirit of the Lord very strong and understood basic principles and ideas! The translators talk pretty fast so it is difficult, but it was great to watch in the chapel with so many members!

This was my first full week with Elder Vargas! He is a good missionary, just is tired a lot, which is normal! We taught some great lessons this week and found some new investigators which should be great, we can always use more people to teach!

Our power went out this week for one day so we roasted even more so than usual without fans but we aren't in the house much so it was ok.

We had a service project this week where in we had to dig out 3in x 3in squares of dirt (divided by concrete) and then cut sod or grass into the right size and replant it. The squares we probably dug and planted were close to 100- 150 squares and it took 4 hours BUT the Lord blesses you in small ways for your work. The house across the street started blasting music so much that we could hear it almost perfectly. AND the best part was that it was exactly the kind of music I like! EDM, House, and the likes! haha Sounds silly, but it was a blessing to me!

Friday we had a great experience to teach and bear testimony--- One of the sisters in our ward is single and she has 2 kids, a daughter who is 14 that is member and a son, Matteus, who is 22 and is a member but will tell you he is not a member. He talks badly about the church and argues with his mother and sister about the doctrine. Last week I met him for the first time and he likes to try to speak english so he talked with me for a while. He quickly began to say and claim things about our church that were false. In English, as well as Portuguese, I was able to clear up his doubts and respond. This week he invited us back and he was ready to try and stump us. His church teaches against many religions but specifically ours and he has a lot knowledge of the bible. He really was like the Pharisees in the bible who want to trick Jesus and make him say something wrong. But we explained to him that as missonaries our purpose is not to just answer questions like this or to discuss to try and prove things. We are here to bring others to Christ and to testify of the Savior and help others have the joy that we have! He continued in his ways.... Really, he had a closed heart. Any time we tried to say something or testify, he began to smirk and was not listening but was thinking of another question for us. Finally I told him that we needed to go (we really were late). But We had a great last experience, Elder Vargas was able to bear a powerfull testimony and then I was able to do the same. I told him that I don't have all the answers and that I can't speak the language perfectly but that I have a testimony and that I have faith and that I can testify of these things. Where I have doubts, i replace them with faith. Elder Vargas and I were close to tears and I know that Matteus could feel the Sprit and that he was humbled, a bit. Finally I invited him to listen to our messages and we invited him to pray about these things, with FAITH, not doubting. Because if he doubted he could not recieve an answer. The Spirit was amazing. we closed with a prayer and headed home.

If any of you have doubts, fill them with faith and trust in the Lord! Strengthen your testimony because it is the most important weapon in your gospel arsenal, so to speak!

I am Loving brazil, the food, people, the MISSION! Thank you all for the support and love and birthday wishes!

Elder Craig! (The Americano)

For the pictures: 1. We Taught some farm animals, haha --- 2. My wall next to my desk (dad's old mission name tag) --- 3. Two of my favorite things here, RAID and THE LDM!
4. And then we are so messing around! Our faces are like that because we are doing the frog face; its a joke in our Zone!

If you want to watch General Conference and hear the awesome talks, go here and skip to the part where it starts at 1:01:00. It's 7 hours but skip to the time 1:01:00 to start.


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