March 28, 2016


Rondonoplis, MT, Brazil


Elder Vargas

Como vai!

Como vai! This week has been crazy once again! It started out completely normal but changed thanks to one phone call. So an elder in a Campo Grande was causing problems apparently with a ward and the bishop there called President Olivera and said that he didn't want any more elders there. So because My trainer honestly is amazing at working with members, Presidnte Olivera decided to send him there to help. So Thursday and Friday was a rush of visiting people and helping him pack things. The call came in the late afternoon so things were really fast!

Nowwww I have a new companion, Elder Vargas! He is pretty cool and from what I can tell he wants to work which is great! He is from Guatemala but his Portuguese is next to perfect! It is difficult because I only know the area to a small extent and he doesn't now it at all. We are going to learn it together. So the roles of trainer and trainee, at times, are flipped... This is extremly hard because of the language barrier when conversing with members and when I am trying to explain the background of people and things to him. But thankfully the Portuguese is still improving! I noticed that I am becoming more accustommed to the accents of people, but it is still difficult. I'm stoked for General Conference! I think at times, we take it for granted in the United States becasue we can watch it anywhere we want. Here, there is great anticipation to hear the words of a Living prophet and apostles and many members will watch it together. We will be watching it in the chapel!

I went on splits this week with Elder Neres and that was great! We taught multiple families and were able to invite many people to pray about the restoration of the gospel! Every time I get to testify on the mission, I love the Spirit that is felt! We recieved a paper that is to help mark progress on reading the Book of Mormon. I am going to make copies and set goals with all our investigators. I made goals with one lady yesterday, and told here that I would be reading in Portuguese as well and she thought it was great idea becasue she thinks my accent is funny.

Set goals! Always read the Book of Mormon! Seriously, the scriptures have the answers to EVERYTHING. -- Heavenly Father gives us trials to help us learn and grow. He knows exactly what you need to progress, so look for the good in all things and begin with the end in mind! If you are exhausted, remember that the Savior descended below all things!

Don't worry, they have sushi here and so i will get my favorite food on my birthday!! whoo hooo hahaha
Hope you all had a great Easter weekend and remembered why we celebrate it!

-ELDER CRAIG (The Americano)


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