February 26, 2016


MTC Sao Paulo, Brazil


Elder Kerr

Last week in the Mission Training Center!


Its the last week at the mission training center in Sao Paulo and so we are just learning a ton of grammar and working really hard! Yesterday we had a 24 hr english fast and that was interesting but we all did pretty good! I can't belive that we are heading to Cuiaba this Tuesday! I have a 6 hr plane ride with one other American and 7 Brazillians and an elder from Columbia! The weeks have flown by here and I'm gonna miss my district, companion, and zone a ton! Last P-day, when we got to eat out, it was wayyyy good! We are going to eat out tonight as well! Some elders in a different class down the hall that we got to know really well left last week and that was sad! Anyways! We got to listen to a broadcast from Elder Rasband that was really good! It has rained a lot this week again and so I've goten pretty good at ping pong, haha! But when we do get basketball, we love it! Also this week they pulled me out to go and get my x-rays. I drove in this little taxi with an instructor who spoke hardly any english at all, to basically what was like the "Orthopedic Associates" of Sao Paulo and gooooddd nnneeeewwwwssss: I'm healing great and everything seems to be going good! I have to go now!!!! Not enough time to write any more! I Love you all. I will send a lot of pics from Cuiaba! PRAY ALWAYS!!! IT REALLY HELPS. I PROMISE!!!!!

To mom: Hi mom:) Thanks soooo much for the treats last week; they were great! I love and miss you! Sounds like a fun birthday party weekend with Grace and her friends and sounds like they are doing awesome in everything! I'm glad you taught me how to fold pants the right way hahaha. They don't get wrinkly! Thanks for all the Pictures! I love them and look forward to them! I'm excited to go out this Tuesday and see what it's really like being a missionary:) I love you and am so greatfull for you being my mom! Stay strong in the gospel and rember to pray always for any every and all things! Will you tell Sophia to read 3rd Nephi chapter 11 and that I love her sooo much and that she is the coolest 12 yr old I know! I have to go! Also, tell Trey (Kelley) to be a stud this week! Tell everyone I wish I could write them back but we don't get hardly any time here in the MTC but I will write more when I'm in Cuiaba.

-Love, Elder Craig!


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