February 12, 2016


MTC Sao Paulo, Brazil


Elder Kerr

24 days out!

HElllloooooo eveyone! Its nice and hot here today but we have had some good rain. On Tuesday it rained so hard that roofs were sliding off of houses and into the streets and the lighting was crazy. Since then the power has gone off like 12 times this week. Last pday we bought mangoes and passion fruit. Everynight I cut up a mango and eat about 1/4 of it and then share the rest. Sometimes it goes quick, sometimes I eat most of it. We got a new elder in our distrct from provo, Elder Whitney. He´s way good at volleyball so that's fun, and he's a way cool guy. I am now in first place for distance in the paper airplanes! hahah. I'm gonna try to send a lot of pictures this week so we will see.

So we didn't get to watch the super bowl this sunday but i was made zone leader!! So that is a big step! I was able to completely share my testimony in Portuguese last sunday. It was rough, but no English so it's ok! This week we started teaching (some days) 5 investigators in one day! Tommorow or Monday Elder Kerr and I are hoping to commit 2 of them to baptism! This week I also worked really hard on speaking. It's suuuper hard sometimes and you want to talk but don't know what to say. Either way, I've seen progress just in this week alone in my speaking.

This week, on Wednesday, we went STREET CONTACTING !!! Elder Keer and I were taken back by how much we could understand and at how easy we could talk about things to other people. I belive that when you are talking about things that are true, and bearing your testimony, the Spirit will help you because the people need to hear it! We each had to give out 4 BOM´s and I gave out two before our instructor even said , vai (go). Then the other ones were really good that we met and we talked to them for a bit, (what we could) and then I also got 3 refrences! Only one other person in our district got a few references so we carried the team, haha!

The people here are soo kind, I am going to miss alot of the other elders and instructors who have become good friends. We all build each other up and are working for the same cause! MY ADVICE this week is to focus on the simple things in the gospel, that's what people need to understand.

EU AMO VOCES!!!! I love you all!!

-Elder Craig


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