January 2, 2018


Mission Home Cuiabà, Brazil


Tanner Monson

There's a pink eye epidemic spreading here..

Last week we weren't permited to use the email system so I'll try to cover some of that week in this email as well. Christmas eve is the big deal here and we got to spend it with president and the mission staff. Sister Oliveira cooks pretty good and it was a fun night. We got huge presents from the relief society; a bunch of food and sweets and things like that for christmas, we are still eating it all! The next morning we slept on p-day and we took presents to some of the kids in our ward who are in a real tough situation and they loved it! It also was great to see everyone on Skype and made me excited to be coming home here in 15 days. :) 15 for me, that's 16 there because one whole day of traveling. (Next week I probably won't write much or use the email a lot, just a real quick, 'hey I'm alive see ya in a week.') haha

We had a some cool investigators at church these past weeks. Indiara, who is working on some commandments to be baptized next week and Elinise who is a devoted Catholic but really is enjoying the true church, and Jose who is 78 and can't see very well so we had to get him one of those huge Book of Mormon so he could read the words.

There's a pink eye epidemic spreading here the last 2 weeks and we have done good so far as to not get it. But EVERYONE seems to be contaminated haha. We spent P-day at a members house and they bar-b-qued (spelling?) a ton and we went and walked around in the almost jungle behind their house! I got a stomach virus Thursday through Domingo until a member here made me a natural medicine. She took some leaves, mashed them up with water and I had to drink it all at once. It was awful and I almost didn't get it down but the next day I was all good! D&C: 89 haha:)

So this week we are trying to get after it again and start the new year off good! We are telling all the Zone leaders, ``Baptize January`` I love the mission and I'm sad that it's coming to a close but what I've learned will help me for eternities. :)

Elder Craig :)


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