November 14, 2017


Mission Home Cuiabà, Brazil


Tanner Monson

I Love this mission!

Well... I’ve started “the last 12” as they say! But actually it’s less time than that because I’ll go home in the middle of the transfer in January, so I'm not sure how many weeks it is...I'm not counting, gotta keep the pace.

This week, Bia was baptized! In the photos are all of her little cousins. Some of them have been baptized as well. Their family situation is real difficult and all of the missionaries who pass through here baptize the kids as they come to age and the ward really is trying to help out as well. We hope that from a young age they can learn and grow in the gospel so that they don’t make the same mistakes as their parents and siblings who are lost in drugs and alcohol... It’s sad to see but the kids are awesome!

On Tuesday, we got new missionaries, 4 of them are American and it was real funny. I Got to see how lost I was when I first arrived here, as well... We had to translate everything for them and answer a lot of questions and got home super late. When we put them on the tour busses to go to their areas; we had to grab the bus driver and explain to him that he needed to tell them when to get off and and in which city so that they didn't get off at the wrong place or sleep through the stop. Good stuff...

Also, I wanted to share a cool experince. We decide Saturday that we were going to fast and pray to be able to find a famiy who is ready to hear the gospel. Sunday, a member walked in with a friend who lives on her street and told us that she and her parents hadn't accepted the missionaries before but she had been praying for them and she said, ``Elder, they are ready to hear and recieve the gospel now.`` A testimony builder of fasting and prayer. This week we will teach her for the first time and she really enjoyed church:) Heavenly Father truly knows each of us!

Have a great week! Read the Book of Mormon, its not a joke!
I Love this mission!

Elder Craig:)


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