October 30, 2017


Mission Home Cuiabà, Brazil


Elder Rojas

We ate cow tongue!

Hello! This week I've got time and we are back at the good internet house. :)

So you'll see from the pictures some of the things that have been going on! We ate cow tongue, went to a member's farm, which was awesome, and we traveled to Tangara da Serra and Diamantino where we visited the memebrs there and had sacrament meeting. Wev'e spent about 4 days just riding on busses the last week and a half and have been in our area only about half of the last week. As a result, it's a bit tough for us follow up real close with our investigators here in Cuiaba, but we've got some that are real golden and progress without us! Here in the next 2 weeks, we are hoping for 3 of them to get baptized! We are fasting and praying so that the spirit can touch them and so that we can help the Lord's will be done. :)

Visiting the small cities here in Mato Grosso is real interesting because the peole aren't used to seeing missionaries walking the streets and so we have a lot of people who come up to us and ask us what we are doing and who are we. The spirit in the sacrament meeting is always really strong and the members are extremely grateful to know that Heavenly Father remebers them, even in the small little town where they live.

My companion goes home next week and I should find out who the new assistant is on Thursday. Along with my comp, another elder who lives with us is headed home and they are both working hard but when the day is over and we are at home they are super anxious and don't stop talking about home. hahaa It's not making me trunky, but it's funny to see how they are getting nervous. :)

Hope you all liked this update and sorry again for not emailing last week. :)
Have a great week and READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. :)

Elder Craig:)


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