August 14, 2017


Mission Home Cuiabà, Brazil


Elder Rojas

I've got you in my prayers!

Well... transfers were this week and a lot was changed in our mission because there were a lot of missionaries going home and not many that are arriving. SO on thursday president called and told us he'd be having lunch with us, which was strange, then when he got there I was handed the mission office keys and card pass and he said, "Welcome to the club!" haha So he called me as the new assistant to the president! So I'll be companions with elder Rojas again! Also, unless president changes our area, I'll finish my mission here in Verdao! Should be a great 5 months.
This week our investigators, Ana Paula and Diego, went to the registry (they went to mark a marrige date) and that was a huge step! Now in about 30 days they will be married and the next day we'll get them baptized! Unfortunately, they won't be my investigators anymore, but ill be able to know what's going on with them because I'll be living with the elders who will be teaching them.

Elder Browning is headed home this week so we had a few going away parties and things like that. I don't have pictures because Elder browning has my camera just for today because they went to a waterfall with president before they go home.
So that's whats gone on this week. We are working hard and it the dry season here, every day its about 110 degrees! So it's been a long time without rain but then yesterday it rained a ton and we all got soaked as we were leaving lunch.

Looks like everyone is headed back to school at home. Crazy to see who will be starting college and things like that. People getting married and working!! Hope you're all doing great and living and learning the gospel. :) I've got you in my prayers:)

Elder Craig!:)


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